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MLK Quotes: Martin Luther King’s Most Inspiring Lines

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MLK Quotes – While he was assassinated in 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. is still well remembered for his work throughout the civil rights movement. Check out some of the icon’s most inspiring quotes.

In the 1950s and 1960s, he gave many inspiring speeches, and his nonviolent approach to protest inspired many people to fight for justice around the world.


Here are some of MLK Quotes, Martin Luther King Jr’s most inspiring Lines.

It is my dream that one day my four children will live in a nation where their character will be judged, rather than their skin color.”

  • From his famous August 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech.

“If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, keep moving forward.”

  • April 1960 address at Spelman College.

The true measure of a man is not what he does in moments of comfort and convenience, but what he does when faced with challenges and controversy.”

  • From his 1963 book, Strength to Love.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do so.”. No matter how much hate you feel, only love will drive it out.

  • From Strength to Love.

“We will be able to carve out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope.”

  • From his “I Have A Dream” speech.

“Whatever directly affects us, affects us all indirectly.”

  • From his April 1963 “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

Time must be used creatively, with the knowledge that the right moment will always come.”

  • From his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

In addition to diamonds or silver or gold, the beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is priceless.”

  • From his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.

Ultimately, I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will prevail. This is why the right, temporarily defeated, will ultimately triumph over the evil.”

  • From his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.

“Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred instead of love… Ultimately, violence defeats itself. The survivors suffer bitterness and the destroyers suffer brutality.”.”

  • From his December 1964 Nobel lecture.

“A true leader is not one who seeks consensus, but one who molds it.”

  • From his November 1967 “The Domestic Impact of the War in Vietnam” speech.

One must take a position that is neither safe, politically correct, nor popular, but one must do it for the sake of conscience.

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