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Gunmen Who Killed 133 People in Moscow Captured Near Ukraine Border

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Gunmen Who Killed 133 People in Moscow Captured Near Ukraine Border

Four men who attacked a concert outside Moscow have been captured on Saturday and were reportedly aiming to cross the border into Ukraine, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In his address to the country, Putin claimed that some Ukrainians were willing to allow them to reach the Russian border. The Ukrainian government has categorically rejected any responsibility for Friday night’s bombing, which killed at least 133 people.

The Russian interior ministry announced that all four individuals wanted for the shooting were foreign nationals.

Preliminary data suggests that there was an opening for them to reach the state border from Ukraine; therefore, they fled toward that country, Putin added.

Putin framed the threat as “international terrorism” and declared his willingness to collaborate with any nation that shared this goal.

gunment moscow

A reasonable and inevitable punishment awaits all those responsible for this atrocity, including the organizers and those who gave the order to commit it. He claimed to have no idea who or what was leading them.

“We shall track down and bring to justice all those who abetted the terrorists responsible for this heinous act, this assault on Russia and our people.”

He proclaimed Sunday a day of mourning for the victims of the Moscow concert shooting at Crocus City Hall.

Russian officials seemed to be looking into a possible Ukrainian connection to Friday’s massacre, even though Ukrainian officials strongly denied any involvement from their country. Islamic State took responsibility for the attack.

The militant group’s Amaq news agency announced the photo of the four individuals it said were responsible for the shooting rampage on Telegram, according to Islamic State.

“The attack comes within the context of a raging war between the Islamic State and countries fighting Islam,” Amaq claimed in a statement.

gunment moscow

A harsh interrogation of a young man by a roadside ensues in the video provided by Margarita Simonyan, a Russian state TV journalist and head of Russia Today. The suspect responds to a series of shouted questions in severely accented Russian.

According to him, he departed from Turkey on March 4 and got instructions to carry out the attack over Telegram from anonymous individuals who offered him money.

During the whole interrogation, the man shook uncontrollably. The first image showed him on his stomach, hands tied behind his back, and his chin propped up on the boot of a man wearing camouflage. When it was time, someone dragged him to his knees.

As he sat on a seat with his hands and feet shackled, an interpreter asked another man about his facial injuries.

Gunmen Storm Concert in Moscow Killing at Least 40 and Injuring Over 100

According to the Kremlin, Putin discussed the battle against terrorism with the heads of state of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. During these discussions, all parties reaffirmed their determination to collaborate.

Russia has been at war with Ukraine for the last quarter of a century, but neither Putin nor the Federal Security Service (FSB) have publicly shown any evidence of a connection.

Ukraine was not involved in this terrorist act, according to Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman Andriy Yusov, who talked to Reuters. The Ukrainian people are fighting for their independence from Russia, freeing their land, and engaging in combat with the occupiers’ army, focusing on military objectives rather than innocent civilians.

He criticized what he called “of course, another lie from the Russian special services” in the FSB’s account of the suspects’ arrest while traveling to Ukraine.

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