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Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha Cites 2019 as an Important Year for Thailand




BANGKOK – Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has cited 2019 as another very important year for Thailand. In addition to the Royal Coronation Ceremony and the elections, which will lead to sustainable democracy, Thailand will have an important role in driving forward the ASEAN Community.

As ASEAN Chair in 2019, he said, Thailand will open up its home to welcome leaders and foreign dignitaries, including ASEAN friends and ASEAN’s dialogue partners. Thailand will host over 180 meetings, both in major and secondary towns.

The Prime Minister invited all Thais throughout the country to join hands as good hosts for smooth and successful meetings for the pride of Thailand and the Thai people, and to fulfill the expectations of the international community.

He stressed that ASEAN’s success depends on the partnership of all sectors to drive forward and advance the ASEAN Community in a sustainable manner.

“Over 50 years ago, ASEAN was born in Thailand. Today, ASEAN consists of 10 countries and a population of six hundred million people and is the sixth largest economy in the world. It has played a constructive role and is recognized by the international community. Hence, the opportunity to assume the ASEAN Chairmanship is an important duty, an honor for Thailand and the Thai people,” he said.

The Prime Minister congratulated Mr. Khemphong Rungsawang and Miss Chayuta Homhnug, the designers of the logo Thailand will use during its ASEAN Chairmanship in 2019. The logo is inspired by flower garlands which is a Thai symbol of welcome. In addition, the beautiful flower arrangement represents the ASEAN Community’s unity, cooperation, and support for each other.


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