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Is India-Pakistan Peace Around?



Is India-Pakistan Peace Around?

(CTN News) – Do you see India-Pakistan peace in the near future? There are sporadic signals, some international, and a lot of guesswork, important enough to stick one’s neck out.

A two-day SCO summit will be held in Samarkand on Thursday between the Indian and Pakistani prime ministers.

Samarkand is in Uzbekistan, which has a history of nudging India and Pakistan to end their mistrust.

Although the 1965 Tashkent Agreement was not to Bhutto’s liking, it ended a needless war between the two neighbors.

Also important from the SCO’s perspective is that India will host the annual meeting next year, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi, presumably, would want to be a success.

New Delhi’s strained relations with China and Pakistan’s strategic doldrums are impeding the grand diplomatic dream.

The persistent US resolve to undermine the SCO, whose ideological lynchpins are China and Russia, as well as the summit in Samarkand, which is expected to provide an alternative narrative to the Ukrainian conflict and other global problems, remain major concerns.

Mr Modi’s third consecutive re-election bid in 2024 could be boosted by a successful SCO summit in Samarkand.

Shehbaz Sharif also needs urgent relief from the political quagmire his ruling alliance finds itself in, exacerbated by the natural calamity striking the country in its most furious and devastating avatar.

Both threaten the fragile alliance politically, resulting in more economic instability.

The US’s naive but optically handy moral support ahead of SCO could be a signal and a ploy.

In its conflict with Russia, the US is committed body and soul and is in a mental state Jamey Falls would understand.

Former students at La Martiniere in Lucknow remember the school teacher who was distracted from his lectures.

Let him have what he wants. There’s no need to disturb the class.” That was Mr Falls’ advice to the occasional horseplay on the back benches, mostly involving Anglo-Indian boys.

It is also pressing everyone to refrain from disturbing the class, urging all of them to put aside their respective ongoing tiffs, such as bearing down on Serbs in the former Yugoslavia to ease up their standoff with ethnic rivals.

To get all sides to display empathy for its narrative of the trauma unleashed on Ukraine, the US may have to suspend sullen aloofness in South Asia as well.

Despite its public intent to weaken Russia or even destroy it economically, it appears to have recoiled, strengthening Vladimir Putin’s grip on it instead..

In light of the prospects, the SCO summit could be the catalyst for the next steps in the European conflict which has crippled the global economy.

An integral part of a peace agenda is the India-Pakistan equation. East-west lobbies are unlikely to disagree in this regard.

It will be interesting to watch Mr Modi’s interactions with the Russian and Chinese presidents, who will both be encouraging as he interacts with the Pakistani prime minister.

Investing in Pakistan’s F-16 warplanes shouldn’t be able to chip away at its proximity to China, Russia, and other Asian countries.

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