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Two Arrested for Slashing, Robbing Elderly German at his Phuket home

Police announce the arrest of two men who allegedly tied up a 70-year-old German, slashed his arm and robbed him and his wife at their house in Phuket last Thursday.



Two men have been arrested for robbing and slashing a 70 year-old German man and his wife in Phuket.

Muyaddidi Dorloh, 27, of Narathiwat, and Sofian Arba, 25, of Yala, were caught separately. One in Phuket and the other in Satun, Thailand.

They were wanted on arrest warrants issued by the Phuket provincial court for colluding in armed robbery and damaging property, Phuket police chief Pol Maj Gen Rungroj Thakornpunyasi said on Wednesday.

The suspects allegedly broke into his house in Phuket on Thursday evening. The intruders tied up German national Wilhelm Christian Schrei, 70, with black tape and used a basket to cover his head. They were allegedly armed with a machete and a 30 centimetre knife, and inflicted a long cut on his arm.

When the victim’s Thai wife arrived home, the intruders also detained her. They reportedly robbed the couple of cash and took their two ATM cards and the PIN codes.

During interrogation, the suspects allegedly confessed and said they were jobless and needed money. They said they were able to withdraw only 3,000 baht.

Police said the victims had quickly transferred money to another account after the robbery.

The duo were handed over to police at Muang Phuket police station for legal action.


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