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Two Robbers Steal 2.1 Million Baht from ATM Maching in Petchaburi Province



The ATM at the yarn factory of SR Spinning Co in Muang district of Phetchaburi was heavily damaged by two thieves.

PETCHABURI – Thai Authorities are hunting for two robbers who made off with 2.1 million baht after they  broke open an ATM machine located in the compound of a company on Petkasem road in Petchaburi province early Saturday morning.

The security guard of the SR Spinning Company in Tambon Ton Maphrao, Muang district, reportedly told police that at about 4 pm he heard a loud noise of something being sawn coming from an ATM of the Siam Commercial Bank and went to investigate.

He said he saw two masked men in the act of sawing a key on the back of the machine. Upon seeing him, one of the two robbers rushed to attack him with a knife, inflicting a cut in his hand while the other ordered him to stay still or be shot.

He went on saying that the two robbers then set fire to the ATM to break it open and grabbed the cash inside, amounting to 2.1 million baht.

Police said the thieves took boxes of 500- and 1,000-baht banknotes worth 2.1 million baht in total but left a box of 100-baht notes.

Siam Commercial Bank officials said they had loaded 4.17 million baht into the machine on May 13, including 170,000 baht in 100-baht notes. The bank’s network lost the signal of the attacked ATM at 3.58am Saturday.

Police later found a gas cylinder, an air cylinder and a flashlight in a paddy field behind the yarn factory.

Source: Thai PBS, Bangkok Post

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