Tiktok; What Is The Butter Board Trend On Tiktok


Tiktok; What Is The Butter Board Trend On Tiktok



(CTN News) _ Chef Justine Doiron posted a video on Tiktok showing her spreading softened butter on a wooden board, adding salt, lemon zest, red onion, and honey.

In her video, Justine claimed that the butter board would become the next charcuterie board.

Justine mentions Joshua McFadden, who invented the sharer plate.

Softened butter is spread across a board you may use for cheese or charcuterie, then any complementary ingredients are added.

How is the butter board trend on Tiktok being received?

With 8,100,000 million views, #butterboards is trending.

Kiki, @Kikstarsomers, posted an adaptation to Tiktok with just over four million views.

To flavor the butter, the Tiktok influencer used salt, prosciutto, fried onions, and oil.

The Modern Nonna posted her version, which has gotten over three million views.

The cake was topped with jam, sliced figs, honey, crushed walnuts, and white flowers.

@Lowcarbnorma did her own take on the trend, adding salt, lemon zest, chives, chilli flakes, honey, and roasted garlic cloves.

@Zestyz_official shared her Middle Eastern take, called the “labneh” board, which uses yogurt instead of butter and olives, mint, vegetables and couscous on top.

Butter boards get mixed reviews in comments.

“Seems better than charcuterie!” said one user.

Another commenter: “I love butter…would be great with fresh warm bread.”

One post said: “Cleaning the board though… Nightmare.”.

Another said: “SO UNSANITARY.”

Making TikTok butter board trend

All you need is a wooden board, butter, and whatever you want to mix.

Put the butter on the board in small dots after softening it with a spoon in a bowl.

Spread the butter out and then sprinkle salt on top.

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