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Thailand’s AIS Launches 5G Vehicle Surveillance Technology

AIS also promoted a 5G remote control vehicle, which made its way from Bangkok to Songkhla, a distance of 950 kilometers.



BANGKOK  – Thailand’s mobile operator Advanced Info Service (AIS) has launched 5G-equipped surveillance vehicle technology. The 5G technology can help detect suspicious items and automobiles in southern Thailand.

The prototype innovation, called surveillance and security vehicles, was presented at a media event in Songkhla on Friday.

Video analytics and AI will bring video data from CCTV on vehicles to a central control room via the 5G network.

Enabling the analysis of images and identification of objects around cars, such as suspect license plates, car models, the color. And appearance of vehicles, allowing risk notifications to be sent to various areas in real-time.

The information of suspicious vehicles is stored, allowing the system issue alerts as soon as vehicles pass into certain areas.

The technology is expected to be a boon for security tasks in the insurgency-plagued Deep South.

AIS also promoted a 5G remote control vehicle, which made its way from Bangkok to Songkhla, a distance of 950 kilometers.

The driver-less vehicle shows the potential of 5G networks for signal transmission speed. The quick rate of response and the stability of the technology to control a car without drivers.

The projects are part of a collaboration between AIS, the government and education sectors. Using digital technology and services to strengthen the South.

Suvit Maesincee, the higher education, science, research and innovation minister, participated via live broadcast.

Pratthana Leelapanang, chief consumer business officer of AIS, said there is a need to test 5G wireless communication technology. If it is to play an essential role in developing the digital economy and enhancing the quality of life for people.

The Development of 5G Use is Scaling up Rapidly Around the Globe

Mr Pratthana said the South is an important strategic area for the company. Because of its economic strength and the availability of personnel for development and innovation.

AIS has focused on using digital infrastructure to strengthen the area under the 3G and 4G networks. Covering 1,083 tambons throughout the 14 southern provinces.

AIS has more than 80,000 base stations nationwide, of which 5,732 are located in southern provinces.

The expansion of distribution channels allows people in the South to conveniently access more than 4,000 points.

“This allows us to have the No.1 market share in the South, with a total of 5.7 million customers. Accounting for 14% of the nationwide customer base,” he said.

AIS is also collaborating with Prince of Songkla University to test the potential of 5G technology in a real environment. Which is the first time a 5G test will be conducted in the South with the support of the telecom regulator.

Another technology being launched at the event is a demonstration of innovative vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Through the 5G network that can send and receive high-speed data with fast and stable response.

Source: Bangkok Post

5G Remote Control Vehicle, Which Made its Way from Bangkok to Songkhla

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