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Meta, The Parent Company Of Facebook, Split Up Its Responsible AI Team



Meta, The Parent Company Of Facebook, Split Up Its Responsible AI Team

(CTN News) – Meta has disbanded its Responsible AI division, the team dedicated to overseeing the safety of its artificial intelligence ventures as they are developed and deployed, according to a Meta spokesperson.

Several members of the Meta RAI team have been reassigned to the company’s Generative AI product division, while others will now work on the company’s AI Infrastructure team, a spokesperson for the company said. The Information was the first to report on the news.

In February, the Generative AI team was created in order to create products that will generate language and images to mimic the equivalent human-made versions.

It came as a result of companies across the tech sector pumping money into the development of machine learning in order not to fall behind in the race to make AI more effective. Since the AI boom began to take hold, Meta has been playing catch-up like a lot of other big tech companies.

Facebook parent RAI has announced its reorganization as it nears the end of what CEO Mark Zuckerberg called a “year of efficiency,” during a conference call with analysts in February. In the past few months, that has manifested itself in a flurry of layoffs, team mergers, and reorganizations within the organization.

In recent years, top players in this field have prioritized ensuring the safety of artificial intelligence Meta technology. This is especially true as regulators and other officials pay closer attention to the potential dangers that could arise from this nascent technology.

It was announced in July that Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI have formed a group that focuses on setting safety standards as artificial intelligence advances.

Despite the fact that the RAI employees have now been dispersed throughout the organization, the spokesperson noted that they would continue to support “responsible Meta AI development and use within the organization.”

“Our company remains committed to investing in the development of safe and responsible artificial intelligence, and will continue to prioritise this in the future,” the spokesperson said.


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