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Southern Thailand

Muslim Insurgent Roadside Bomb Severely Injures 3 Army Rangers



NARATHIWAT – Three army Rangers have been severely injured after a insurgent’s bomb exploded at a roadside stall in Bacho district in Bacho district of Narathiwat Province in Southern Thailand.

The bomb hidden in a cooking gas cylinder, was placed under a roadside stall, exploded and severely injured three paramilitary rangers on foot patrol.

The explosion was reported on the Phetkasem Highway in Ban Buerawae village of tambon Lubo Sawor about 8.05am.

The Bangkok Post reported the explosion demolished the stall and left a 30-centimetre-deep crater in the ground.

Army investigators believe the bomb was detonated remotely by Muslim insurgents.

Blood stains, along with Ranger’s bullet-proof vests and helmets, were scattered at the scene.

The injured Rangers — identified as Pipao Saopoon, Prasert Muangkhunthod and Somkiat Monthianthong — received severe shrapnel wounds to their bodies and legs.

They were rushed to Bacho Hospital, and ranger Somkiat was later transferred to Naradhiwasrajanagarindra Hospital.

Police said the three rangers were walking close to the stall, which was under construction, when the bomb was detonated.

They blamed Muslim insurgents, who are making almost daily attacks on government officials.

Muslim insurgency may be accelerating, in part due to a lack of clear policy toward the south by the military.

Attempts to make progress in negotiations with the insurgents has failed.

A lead negotiator for Muslim insurgents fighting for a separate state in southern Thailand has slammed the government as insincere and indifferent in peace talks over the past four years.

Thailand officials say negotiations were dogged by allegations that rebel leaders in touch with fighters on the ground were not participating in the talks and did not support the effort.

Source: Bangkok Post, Thairath

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