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The Washington Examiner Media Bias – All You Need to Know



The Washington Examiner

The Washington, D.C.-based Washington Examiner is a weekly magazine and website that covers conservative news. MediaDC, a Clarity Media Group subsidiary controlled by Philip Anschutz, owns the company. The Examiner was a daily tabloid newspaper produced in Washington, D.C. from 2005 until mid-2013. It was distributed across the metro region.

Local news and political commentary were the primary emphases of the publication. From that point on, its content started to concentrate almost entirely on national politics from the conservative perspective, and its print version changed from a daily newspaper to a weekly magazine style. The local paper finally stopped publishing on June 14, 2013.

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Delving into Washington Examiner Media Bias

The Washington Examiner bias is assessed as having a lean right bias and as having a mixed reliability rating.

AllSides, a U.S.-based company, analyses the political bias of major media sites before providing other viewpoints on the same news items to give users news beyond their own filter bubble.

The Washington Examiner reports from a conservative perspective. AllSides believes this media bias rating to be quite reliable.

The Washington Examiner has a Lean Right bias, according to a blind bias assessment conducted by AllSides in February 2020. Participants in a blind bias survey — regardless of political affiliation or age or region – assess the level of bias in a media outlet’s coverage without being able to detect any branding or specifics about it.

After completing a blind survey to test for bias, participants were divided into four groups: those who lean left, those who lean middle, and those who lean right or right. However, liberals ranked the Washington Examiner’s content as leaning to the right on a scale of 1 to 10, while conservatives did the opposite. The vast majority of those surveyed claimed to have an average right-leaning leaning.

According to a Washington Examiner editorial published in September 2018 and distributed by AllSides, according to the newspaper’s research, the Washington Examiner’s prior media bias rating of Right may be changed to Lean Right.

Left-Leaning Views

The AllSides editorial board, which includes members from across the political spectrum, evaluates a source’s work and renders a verdict on the source’s objectivity during an editorial evaluation. According to AllSides, the Washington Examiner’s conservative content selection is skewed, but the articles themselves are not. When it comes to political beliefs, The Washington Examiner gives attention to those with left-leaning views.

The Washington Examiner structure and content have been likened but with a right-leaning slant. They usually cover political news and local Washington DC news items. The Washington Examiner often uses loaded language in sensationalist headlines. While the headlines may be dramatic, articles’ substance is written with less prejudice and tends to be correctly linked to reputable media sources.

The Washington Examiner is 100 percent editorially correct. It is almost difficult to locate a single editorial that provides any kind of balance. Most editorials contain anti-left-laden headlines.

A Conservative Alternative to the Washington Post?

Clarity Media Group, which is owned by Anschutz, runs the Washington Examiner. With The Examiner, he intended to establish a conservative alternative against The Washington Post. According to an ex-employee, Anschutz’s orders for the editorial page were very clear: he wanted exclusively conservative pieces and writers.

Washington Examiner Fueled Voter Fraud Misinformation in the 2020 Elections

The Washington Examiner and others reinforce misleading allegations of pervasive cheating in what a new Harvard study terms a “propaganda feedback loop.”

In the last stretch of the 2020 campaign, right-leaning news sites with millions of visitors have published hundreds of false or misleading headlines and stories that effectively support unfounded assertions by President Trump and his allies that mail-in votes endanger the integrity of the election.

The Washington Examiner is among the sites that have carried stories with titles lending weight to the conspiracy theory that voting fraud is widespread and may tip the election to the left.

What is the duty of a right-wing media organization?

They don’t view journalism the way that more conventional journalists do. They view what their media business is as about activism and about supporting whoever is the top Republican. That’s what they view as their responsibility. From the very inception of conservative media in this nation, it has been strongly connected to political electioneering. And it’s maintained down to this day that so many contemporary right-wing media channels were established by political groups or individuals who had political objectives.

To sum it up

According to the polls and the facts provided above, it is clear that the Washington Examiner bias is lean right similar to Fox News and the New York Post. It may also be concluded from these facts that the organization has been brought into the media business with the primary purpose of competing with the groups that lean left.

Overall, we rank the Washington Examiner Right Biased based like Fox News and the New York Post on editorial views that nearly entirely favour the conservatives and rate it as Mixed for factual reporting owing to numerous failed fact checks.


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