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Wrath of the Lich King Gold Making Guide

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Wrath of the Lich King Gold Making Guide

Wrath of the Lich King Gold Making Guide –  Coins of different values are the primary currency of the WoW Classic, they drive the game’s economy.

Starting with repairs, buying consumables, and ending with bids on the raid loot auctions — all these things require money.

Hence the question: how to make enough currency for all your needs?

Do not worry — this Wrath of the Lich King gold making guide, made by WowVendor got you covered.

In this WoW money making guide, we will look at active ways of getting world currency.

We are going to give you examples of different activities which can be performed for direct WoW gold farming.

Sources of Income

When it comes to WotLK gold farm, there are a plethora of ways you can do it, each one has its own merits.

Let’s look at these sources of income, starting with professions.

As you probably know, professions in WoW represent a direct way to interact with the game economy by allowing players to perform gathering and crafting activities.

They may sell the results of their labor to one another, thus making professions a decent way of farming gold in WotLK.

  • Herbalism
    This gathering profession is always going to stay relevant through expansion. Herbs are the primary resource of alchemy, which in turn creates consumables for raiders, and raids are the endgame of WoW Classic. High potion demand means there is always going to be a demand for herbs. Another reason is Inscription — a new profession added to WotLK. Herbs are used to create inks and other reagents, which raises even bigger demand. Sell them just as is or sell entire profession leveling kits — it’s all up to you. The downside is it is a somewhat dull and repetitive activity, but this can be said about all forms of money farm.
  • Mining
    Same as Herbalism, Mining is going to stay relevant thanks to raiders. Blacksmithing, Engineering, Jewelcrafting — all these professions considered top tier for raiders, and by lucky coincidence, all of them use resources provided by mining.
  • Skinning
    This time developers made sure Skinning is not going to fade away rapidly, as it did in TBC — new skins can be traded for higher-level skins, which are used for both learning and crafting high-level recipes. Maybe not as lucrative as the previous two, it can be paired with either to provide an extra income.
  • Enchanting
    Very decent “hybrid” profession. Leveling Enchanting allows you to use Disenchant action to reduce different gear to reagents, which may be sold at the market or used to create enchantments. The newly added Inscription allows vellum creation to enchant and sell to other players.
  • Inscription
    As previously mentioned, this new addition is relevant, especially at the beginning of the expansion. Getting access to Glyphs with high demand from raiders means you are going to get a very good source of income.
  • Jewelcrafting
    Jewels are always in demand, since players change gear constantly, meaning they need something to fill their sockets. And since sockets appear quite early, even low-level gems are selling well enough.
  • Alchemy
    As was mentioned before, Alchemy is very lucrative, because various consumables are needed for high-end content and always going to find their buyer.

These were some of the WotLK gold making professions and it is up to you which one to choose.

You can only have two of those at a time, so choose carefully. Usually, people go for one crafting and one gathering profession, so they can both sell and gather crafting ingredients.

Although crafting provides more money, you always need to be sure you have high-demand recipes learned to keep up with competitors.

If you don’t want to bother with that though, picking two gatherer options is viable as well.

Some people choose to have two crafting professions, but usually, this means they have a gathering alt so they can stay self-sufficient.

If you decide to go a double crafting route, make sure to pick professions that work well with each other, for example, Enchanting and Inscription, or Alchemy and Jewelcrafting.

But those are not the only ways to make money. There are some other notable mentions:

  • Open-world farm
    There are particular resources used to create many different recipes and they are just gathered in the form of enemy drops — Eternals. Many different spots in the world have necessary mobs, and the demand and price of Eternals shift with each raiding Phase. It is a very accessible and somewhat easier way to farm money, but that is also a downside — no doubt many players think the same and are going to farm those, which may result in plummeting prices. Nevertheless, it is still a way that deserves mentioning.
  • Solo dungeon farm
    Now that is a way trickier and more specific WoW gold farming method. Some classes, like Paladin or Death Knight, can solo farm parts or entire old dungeons. They can get raw gold from killing enemy packs and later selling all the drops. It’s one of the hardest ways since it requires knowledge of your class, proper dungeon pulls, and decent gear to make sure this farm stays time efficient. Recent Blizzard changes in response to boosting also made this method harder. Now, if you take too long to deal with a pack, enemies start to use immunity ignoring stuns. It will make you easy prey even for lower-level mobs. But if you master that method, it’s going to make it worthwhile, since it’s probably the most efficient way in terms of time spent/money received. If you are interested, you may check YouTube for specific guides, but we warned you — this is not an easy path.

No matter what path you choose, don’t forget to have fun doing so!

We hope this guide was of use to you, and if all methods above sound too much of a hassle, you can always ask us at the WowVendor if you want to buy some cheap WotLK gold.

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