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GTA Online 10 Jack-O-Lantern Locations

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GTA Online 10 Jack-O-Lantern Locations

(CTN News) – There are ten jack-o’-lanterns to find in GTA V Online this Halloween. By the end of this guide, you will have collected all 10 and earned the Horror Pumpkin mask.

There are ten jack-o’-lanterns scattered throughout South Los Santos.

If you do not obtain all ten pumpkins within a single day, you will not be able to complete the challenge. We will provide you with information on how to obtain other GTA V Online masks during Halloween.

The following are the ten locations where jack o’ lanterns can be found in GTA V Online Halloween 2022.

GTA V Online’s ten Jack O’ Lantern locations

It is not difficult to obtain all 10 jack o’ lanterns since they are close together. Whether you ride around in your new Übermacht Rhinehart Halloween car or run around the neighborhood, you will be able to obtain all 10 in no time.

A few pumpkins will give you treats, such as cash, while others will give you tricks, such as shock damage.

The first two are located on the right side of Grove Street. Due to their bright orange color, they are easily visible from the front porch.

The third jack o’ lantern can be found on Covenant Avenue. From Grove Street, turn left and take the first right to reach this street. The jack o’ lantern can be seen in front of the house once again.

At the southeast corner of Covenant Avenue, there is a fourth jack o’ lantern.

There is a fifth jack o’ lantern outside the house on Dutch London Street and the alleyway leading to the house.

On the sixth jack o’ lantern, there is a tree in front of a house. Don’t blow yourself up by this jack o’ lantern.

On Dutch London Street, the seventh jack o’ lantern can be seen in front of an apartment building.

The eight jack-o’-lantern is located in front of a different apartment complex on the southeast side of Dutch London Street. You will be transformed into a crow if you hold this jack o’ lantern.

There is a ninth jack o’ lantern on the porch of a house on the northwest side of Jamestown Street.

There is a tenth jack o’ lantern on the porch of a house on the northeast corner of Macdonald Street and Jamestown Street.

With the completion of all 10 jack o’ lanterns in GTA V Online, you have unlocked the Horror Pumpkin mask. Visit our GTA V page for more information about GTA V Online.

GTA V is currently available on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.


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