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The iPINIONS Journal: What Is It And What Makes It An Excellent Commentary



iPINIONS Journal

Unique and provocative – these are the words used to describe this journal. And not just by anyone- CNN, the Washington Post as well as other well-respected media outlets have shone their spotlight on The iPINIONS Journal.

Wondering what it is all about? Keep on reading to find out!

What Is The iPINIONS Journal?

The Blog

The brainchild of Anthony L. Hall, The iPINIONS Journal prides itself as being ‘an oasis of reasoned and informed commentary in a desert of visceral snark.’

With those words setting the flavor of the journal– the reader can’t be helped but be drawn in to find out what sets this journal commentary apart from many of its counterparts.

The topics provide for an excellent variation but with a great focus towards politics and all the must-knows a person with an inclined interest in the government and current events should keep up with to stay updated.

The Podcast

This journal is also available in the form of a podcast and that’s something people-on-the-go would prefer as listening to podcasts instead of reading a blog post allows them to multitask while still being able to tune in to topics that they are interested in.

A podcast is undoubtedly a very modern and innovative approach to a commentary as it is streamed online- usually following a schedule that the audience can follow to tune in.

You could be travelling by subway or driving on your way to work or maybe even just going on your usual daily errands- the Talking iPINIONS (the name of the podcast) can help you stay updated on all the relevant news as they happen.

What makes it better? A law expert is weighing in on every aspect of the topic so you can expect a very realistic and at times blunt (in the best way possible) commentary by the author.

About The Author

As a seasoned law professional, Anthony L. Hall has mastered the ins and outs of the political maze. With a stint in the presidential politics, his eyes were opened to see all the nitty-gritty that went on with the practice.

His expert opinions as a practising lawyer as well as all of his experiences combined make for a refreshing approach on the issues surrounding the ever-controversial political industry and not just within the United States- evident by his recent commentaries on the unfortunate turnout for Russia and Ukraine.

He was introduced to blogging way back in 2005 and has used this platform ever since to give his professional take with no holds barred.

The journal is available online and taking the reader’s viewing experience into consideration, Anthony made sure that there are no ads to hinder and distract the visitor from the blog’s purpose.

It is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other leading bookstores in the US.

Final Thoughts:

The iPINIONS Journal can easily be considered a breath of fresh air as compared to wordy, disillusioned commentaries with the same focus topics.

It just draws a person in that you would find yourself reading through (or listening to) every content posted and even then, you will keep wanting more.


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The iPINIONS Journal: What Is It And What Makes It An Excellent Commentary

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