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Johnson & Johnson End Sale of Talc Powder Globally in 2023

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Johnson & Johnson Ending Sale of Talc Powder Globally

Johnson & Johnson is pulling baby powder containing talc powder worldwide next year in light of thousands of lawsuits claiming it caused cancer.

Talc powder will be replaced by cornstarch, a Johnson & Johnson spokesperson announced.

According to the lawsuit filings, the company’s talc powder caused users to develop ovarian cancer or mesothelioma, a tumor that attacks the lungs and other organs. Many lawsuits alleged talc asbestos cause the cancer.

However, according to J&J, as well as the overwhelming majority of medical research, talc baby powder is safe and doesn’t cause cancer.

In 2020, J&J removed its talc powder in most of North America due to decreasing demand.

Johnson & Johnson, Talc Powder

Bankruptcy fund for J&J talc powder

An official spokeswoman for the company said that demand dropped due to misleading Johnson and Johnson lawsuit advertising about talc’s safety, which caused global confusion.

As a result of the change announced late Thursday, J&J says its product selection will become more convenient and meet evolving global trends.

J&J announced last October that a subsidiary it created to manage talc powder litigation claims had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

During the bankruptcy process, J&J established a $2 billion trust to pay claims incurred by its subsidiary, LTL Management.

Moreover, the health care giant announced last fall that it will separate its consumer health division – which sells Band-Aids, baby powder, and other products – from its medical division. Prescription drugs and medical devices will continue to be sold by the company under the J&J name.

Friday, Johnson & Johnson shares climbed slightly before the opening bell. For most of the year, Johnson and Johnson stock has done better than the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

FDA Says No Asbestos Found in Thailand’s Baby Powder

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