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Donald Trump Recalls $60m From Super Pac Due To Legal Fees



Donald Trump Recalls $60m From Super Pac Due To Legal Fees

(CTN News) – After burning through campaign funds due to mounting legal fees, Donald Trump has been forced to recall $60 million from a Super Pac intended for TV advertising during the Republican primary.

On Monday, Donald Trump political action committee, Save America, filed documents with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), reporting that it had less than $4 million in cash on hand at the end of June after paying tens of millions of dollars in legal fees.

There are 40 criminal charges against Donald Trump for maintaining classified documents after leaving office as well as 34 criminal charges for paying hush money to a porn star in 2016; he is likely to face federal and state charges for election subversion in the near future; ongoing proceedings involving the writer E Jean Carroll, for whom he was ordered to pay $5 million after being found to have committed sexual abuse and defamation; and numerous investigations into his business affairs.

Among Republican primary voters, Trump is leading DeSantis by more than 30 points.

The president recalled $60 million from another pro-Trump super political action committee. According to the New York Times, this refund is the largest in federal campaign history.

It is not a good idea to coordinate campaigns with Super Pacs.

Former FEC lawyer Adav Noti, who now works for the Campaign Legal Center, questioned the legality of Save America’s work with Make America Great Again.

In Noti’s opinion, calling it a refund won’t change its fundamental illegality. Transferring tens of millions of dollars back and forth between Super Pacs and Donald Trump Pacs based on who needs the money most strongly implies unlawful financial coordination.”

Steven Cheung, Donald Trump spokesperson, told the Times: “Everything was done according to law and in consultation with counsel.”

Any insinuation otherwise, particularly from Democrat donors, is a feeble attempt to distract from the fact that President Donald Trump is the only candidate capable of beating crooked Joe Biden.

Trump supporters have established the Patriot Legal Defense Fund, which is intended to raise money to defray the costs of defending against legal action in connection with political participation. Susie Wiles and Michael Glassner lead the group.

According to the Associated Press, Cheung slammed the federal special counsel who indicted Trump and is expected to file election subversion charges soon.

“The weaponized Justice Department and Jack Smith have targeted innocent Americans associated with President Trump,” Cheung said. “A new legal defense fund will help pay for the legal fees of these innocent people in order to protect them from financial ruin and prevent them from being completely destroyed by Joe Biden’s cronies.”

According to The Associated Press, Smith’s team has expressed interest in paying legal fees for Trump-aligned witnesses.

After being defeated by Biden in 2020, Trump launched Save America with the aim of raising money for an “election defense fund”.


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