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Baby Delivered by Traffic Policeman in Bangkok



Thai policeman Mana Jokkoksung came to the aid of pregnant 19-year-old Chotika Chuennoi


Bangkok  – A policeman in Bangkok has helped a pregnant woman give birth to a baby girl in the back of a taxi cab after the vehicle became trapped in Bangkok rush hour traffic.

Thai policeman Mana Jokkoksung came to the aid of pregnant 19-year-old Chotika Chuennoi after she went into labour before she could reach the hospital.

Mr Jokkoksung was filmed by an onlooker as he delivered the baby girl on the back seat of the vehicle in Bangkok.

Luckily for Ms Chuennoi, the policeman was one of hundreds of Bangkok traffic officers who had been given midwife training to help women in her predicament.

Bangkok streets can handle up to 1.6 million cars on its congested road network but according to reports there are more than four times that number of cars, pickup trucks and motorbikes registered in the Thai capital.

So along with training to deal with road emergencies, traffic police in the Thai capital are also taught to deliver babies.

Officer Mana Jokkoksung now holds the traffic policeman record for delivering the most babies in Bangkok’s busy streets.

“I have to pull myself together and try to concentrate and think of the processes that I’ve learned from doctors,” the officer said.

Ms Chuennoi, the 19 year-old mother was very grateful for his help.

“It is good that we have this project otherwise it would be dangerous for me and my daughter. She is very small and I was so worried because she was in my pants,” she said.

Officers from a special division of the police force are given refresher courses every year on medical emergencies by a hospital doctor.

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