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[VIDEO]: Air China Flight Safely Lands At Singapore’s Changi Airport After Fire And Smoke Incident



Air China Flight

(CTN NEWS) – Air China Flight CA403, which had 146 passengers and nine crew members on board, experienced a cabin smoke issue as it approached Singapore’s Changi Airport on Sunday.

The flight originated in Chengdu, located in Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, and the airline issued a statement acknowledging the incident. The exact cause of this occurrence is presently under investigation.

During the flight’s descent, smoke was detected in both the forward cargo hold and the lavatory, prompting concern. The incident took place around 4:15 pm as the aircraft was preparing to land at Changi Airport.

Fortunately, all passengers and crew members were safely evacuated from the aircraft, averting a potential crisis.

Air China Flight Emergency: Cabin Smoke, Evacuation, and Response at Changi Airport

In a video shared on social media, thick smoke filled the cabin as an air stewardess calmly provided instructions to passengers regarding their next steps. The fire in the aircraft’s left engine had been extinguished after the plane landed.

Air China Flight CA403 declared a code 7700 emergency signal as it approached Singapore, as reported earlier by media outlets.

A passenger recounted on the Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo that the fire had ignited during the plane’s descent and persisted for approximately 40 minutes.

In response to the perilous situation, the flight crew followed established procedures and efficiently coordinated the evacuation of passengers. Changi Airport in Singapore also initiated emergency protocols in collaboration with Air China.

Additional footage circulating online shows passengers sliding down emergency slides and swiftly moving away from the aircraft. However, one individual was seen evacuating with their luggage, drawing criticism from users on the Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu.

Commenting on this, one netizen remarked, “Individuals like him should face permanent travel restrictions, as they jeopardize the safety of others.”

A passenger who was on the flight commended the stewardesses for their professionalism in reassuring and calming the passengers, noting that most passengers remained composed and steady during the emergency.

Both Air China and the Changi Airport Group are providing support to passengers and crew affected by the incident. Due to the occurrence, Runway 3 at Changi Airport will undergo temporary closure, potentially impacting flight operations.

Runway Closure and Investigation Following Air China Flight Incident at Changi Airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport announced that Runway 3, where the Air China flight made its landing, would undergo temporary closure, potentially impacting flight operations in the aftermath of the incident.

In a statement, the airport confirmed that the disabled aircraft had been towed away at approximately 6:00 pm local time. Following thorough inspections and safety checks, the runway was reopened around 7:02 pm local time.

During the closure period, airport officials mentioned that one flight had to be diverted to Batam, Indonesia.

The cause of the fire onboard the aircraft is currently under investigation, and the airport authorities are actively working to determine the root cause.

According to information provided by the flight tracking software Umetrip, the aircraft involved in the incident was identified as an Airbus A320Neo, designed to accommodate up to 158 passengers.

The flight had departed from Chengdu at 11:30 am local time and was originally scheduled to arrive in Singapore at 3:50 pm local time.


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