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Indian Supreme Court Considers legalizing Same-Sex Marriage



Indian Supreme Court Considers legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

(CTN News) – The same-sex Marriage Act is being challenged in court, and the Supreme Court of India has agreed to look at it.

The Indian government has also been warned by the supreme court to legalize same-sex marriage unions and partnerships amongst members of the LGBTIQ+ community.

The Center and Attorney General were notified of the plea by a bench consisting of Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud and Justice Hima Kohli.

The action follows a petition that a couple filed earlier this month. The pair cited other major Indian decisions in their appeals, such as one that declared privacy a basic right and another that decriminalized homosexual sex in 2018.

Kerala and Delhi High Courts are handling appeals involving same-sex marriage problems, the Supreme Court said in its ruling.

The Supreme Court also highlighted in its ruling that several appeals involving same-sex marriage problems are being handled in many High Courts, including Kerala and Delhi.

It further said that the Ministry was moving all appeals to the Supreme Court, according to a statement the Center presented before the HC.

The petitioners claim that being denied the freedom to marry violates their equality. They testified before the court that the right to marry affects personal liberty, adoption, and finances.

According to ANI, the petitioners claimed that they have been in love and in a relationship for the past seventeen years and are currently raising two children together.

However, because they cannot legally marry, neither petitioner can have a legal parent-child relationship with either of their children.

The administration has been granted four weeks by the Supreme Court to make a decision.

Legalizing same-sex marriage unions in India will oppose several worldwide issues. Singapore eliminated criminal sanctions for homosexual sex earlier this year but refrained from legalizing marriage.

Additionally, politicians in the US are debating government recognition of same-sex marriage couples due to fears that a more conservative Supreme Court might overturn its 2015 decision to legalize such partnerships.

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