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Indian Police Blame Rats for Eating 500 Kilograms Of Seized Cannabis



Indian Police Blame Rats for Eating 500 Kilograms Of Seized Cannabis

(CTN News) – In northern India, hundreds of kg of cannabis that were confiscated from drug traffickers and kept in police facilities are allegedly being eaten by rats.

A judge in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, observed that “Rats are little creatures, and they aren’t terrified of the police” after learning that the local police could not provide over 200 kg of seized cannabis meant to be used as evidence in a recent case.

According to court records, the police were ordered to present 386 kilos of marijuana; however, the prosecution warned the court that the rat infestation would affect up to 700 kilogrammes of marijuana held at several stations around Mathura.

And according to reports, this wasn’t the first time the rats had attacked.

The Shergarh and Highway Police Station in Mathura, which had been the storage location for more than 500 kg of cannabis that had been confiscated in separate instances, was noted by the court hearing the case as having been destroyed by rats.

The court then established rules for the police to sell the marijuana at an auction or dispose of it.

“A rat problem plagues almost all police stations. Therefore, the required preparations must be done to protect the cannabis that has been seized, according to the court filing.

Accounts of the precise sequence of events that happened after the rats allegedly consumed the cannabis, however, are a bit vague.

After the trial, Mathura City Police Superintendent Martand Prakash Singh told BBC that rain and water, not rats, had destroyed the marijuana.

“The (report provided to the court) made no mention of rats… The only thing the cops stated was that the rain and water had destroyed the cannabis they had collected.

If the rats are as guilty as the accused, they may be relaxing. The primary euphoric component of marijuana, according to a 2016 University of British Columbia research, rendered lab rats sluggish.

29 rats were taught to participate in an experiment where they had to decide between an easy or tough job to get goodies.

Normally, the rats would choose the more difficult but rewarding job, but after receiving marijuana, the identical rodents selected the simpler assignment.

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