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Video of School Girl’s Attacking Classmate Goes Viral on Social Media

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KHON KAEN – A video released on social media of Mattayom 3 (Grade 9) students daringly attacking a school girl in the classroom has stirred concern among netcitizen in Thailand and worldwide.

The attack, which took place when no teachers were present, was captured on a smartphone camera, shot by another classmate, who subsequently posted the video clip of the incident on Facebook.

The clip caused a storm of criticism over the violence perpetrated by the all-girl group.

The video clips showed schoolgirls  scolding a classmate because of an “overdue debt”, but the latter remained unresponsive so the group turned more violent.

The clip show them pulling the student by her hair and kicked her in the back, after which she fell to the ground.

The group then banged her head against the floor.

She didn’t attempt to fight back at any time during the attack from her fellow students.

A source who did not want to be identified sent the video clips to a Nation Reporter, saying the incident took place during lunch break at the school on July 10th.

The school girl, who used to be close friends with her attackers, did not talk to any teacher about the attack until the video clips went viral.

The source said the school director and teachers at Khon Kaen school were now conducting a fact-finding probe into the incident and handling the case delicately as it involved minors.

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