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Thailand’s Road Death Toll Hits 358 on 6th Day of New Years Holiday

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The Road Safety Directing Center told a briefing that road deaths hit 358 on the 6th day of Thailand’s New Years holiday. The road death toll during the New Year holidays fell 28.6% year-on-year to 40 on Sunday. However the cumulative number over the past six days was still 9.1% higher than last year’s levels.

Official data showed 325 accidents took place nationwide on Sunday, the sixth of the seven-day road safety campaign. In addition to the 40 killed, 333 people were injured, the Road Safety Directing Center told a briefing on Monday. (see chart)

Speeding became the major cause of accidents, at 35.7%, outpacing drink driving (24.3%) for the first time during the campaign.

Motorcycles continued to be the type of vehicles involved in most accidents, accounting for 83%, followed by pickup trucks (6.3%). Failing to wear helmets was identified as the riskiest behaviour (54.4%), followed by drink driving (16.6%).

Chiang Mai Province most deadly

By province, Chiang Mai led in all three categories, with the highest numbers of deaths (5), crashes (14) and injuries (14). Kanchanaburi also saw the most injuries, at 14, the Bangkok Post reports.

Over the past six days of the campaign, 3,072 accidents took place, killing 358 people and hurting 3,073 others.

Nine provinces saw no deaths. Chiang Mai saw the most accidents (111) and injuries (113). Chiang Rai and Nakhon Ratchasima logged the most fatalities, at 16 each.

Half a million people were prosecuted for breaking traffic laws over the past six days, down from 1.2 million in the same period of last year’s campaign.

As people continued to travel on Monday, authorities said they had focused on monitoring speeding and safety-belt use, as well as testing drivers for alcohol.

Accident-prone sections on highways to the capital were also improved, with traffic cones and blinking lights installed and some U-turn spots closed.

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Thailand’s Road Death Toll Hits 358 on 6th Day of New Years Holiday

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