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Thai Man Arrested after CCTV Footage Captures Him Head Stomping 7 Year-Old Boy





BANGKOK – A 43-year-old Thai man has been arrested after being caught on camera repeatedly stomping and kicking a seven year-old by in the head after seeing his son crying at a flat in Bangkok.

The CCTV video capture of the man brutally stomping the little boy was copied and rapidly circulated widely on social media on Tuesday, drawing indignant comments.

Mr. Amnart Salabthong,43, an employee at Charakhae Bua post office, turned himself in to Bangkok police on Tuesday night to answer charges of physically assaulting the 7 year-old boy, Thai media reported.



He confessed to having attacked the boy in a fit of anger after hearing his son’s crying.

The viCCTV footage shows Mr Amnart running from his room on the fifth floor of an apartment building at the housing estate to the ground floor, where he began attacking the seven-year-old boy.

He repeatedly stomped on the boy’s head and kicked him, before carrying his five-year-old son back to his room.

The victim, identified later as Thanakorn “Nong Man” Suwan, sustained injuries to his right eyebrow and severe bruises on his ears and body.

Thanakorn “Nong Man” Suwan, 7, suffered injuries to his right eyebrow and ear. His parents gave a videoclip of the attack and a medical report  to Kannayao police on Wednesday.

After the attack, Nattha Suwan, 34, the boy’s father, filed a complaint with police against his neighbour, said Pol Maj Saowaluck Suwanmanee, investigation officer at Kannayao police station.

Mr Nattha told police that he was resting inside his room on the first-floor when a neighbour told him his son was being assaulted. He immediately went downstairs and found his son was badly injured. He contacted staff at the housing estate, asking they check the CCTV footage.

When he saw the video  he angrily demanded to see Mr Amnart, but neighbours stopped him and suggested he file a complaint with police, said Mr Nattha.

Pol Col Singh Singdet, chief of Kannayao police station, said a public prosecutor and a social worker would today jointly question the two boys involved before calling the suspect in to hear charges.

CCTV footage showed the suspect had cruelty assaulted the boy, Pol Col Singh said, and the offence carries a jail term of up to three years and a fine of 6,000 baht.

There were reports that Mr Amnart had also filed a complaint with police against the seven-year-old boy, accusing him of  assaulting his sone. He told police that he saw the boy kick his son, causing him to fall to the ground. This made him angry and he rushed down from his room on the fifth floor.

Thai media reported that Mr Amnart had separated from his wife about one month ago and was caring for his son himself.

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