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Former Prime Minister Abhisit Indicted for Killings in 2010 Crackdown



Former Thai prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva talks with reporters at the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) in Bangkok


BANGKOKThe Office of the Attorney-General  in Thailand have indicted former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajivafor his alleged role in the deaths of demonstrators during a 2010 crackdown on anti-government protests.

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s office, Mr Nanthasak Poolsuk, said today (Oct 28) that Abhisit Vejjajiva was charged with “causing others to commit murders” through orders he issued to end a nine-week occupation of downtown Bangkok by anti-government protesters.



More than 90 people were killed during the protests, many of them when security forces swept demonstrators from the streets.

Mr Nanthasak says former Deputy Premier Suthep Thaugsuban was also indicted on the same charges today. Suthep was in charge of the ad hoc government-run security agency at the time.

Earlier this year, a Thai court ruled that soldiers killed six protesters during the crackdown.

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