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Bangkok’s International Detective Owner Gets 50 Years for Sadistic Rape of Employee



The court said the plaintiff had presented convincing evidence, including video clips and a vibrator she said was used to penetrate her.


BANGKOK – A Bangkok Criminal Court has sentenced Private Detective Thanachart, Wiwatthanachart to 50 years in prison and his wife to 10 years as an accomplice for their roles in a sadistic rape of a woman who worked at their company.

The victim brought charges against Surachat, also known as Thanachart, Wiwatthanachart and his wife Thanawan Klaiprae.

The couple were charged with rape involving the use of a weapon and holding someone against their will.

Surachat’s company, International Detective (Thailand),

The rape occurred when the woman was employed by Surachat’s company, International Detective (Thailand), in Bangkok’s Bang Khen district in 2008.

The court’s judgement said that between June and August that year, Surachart used a handgun and a knife to force the plaintiff into his room on the second floor of his office building and committed vaginal and anal rape.

While having sex, he forced the woman to wear a dog collar, tied her hands behind her back and held a gun to her head, the court said.

His wife, Thanawan, used a razor to shave the victim’s pubic hair and then recorded the session from the foot of the bed using a mobile phone and video camera.

The couple also threatened to send photographs and video clips to her family if she told police or relatives what happened.

The court said the plaintiff had presented convincing evidence, including video clips and a vibrator she said was used to penetrate her.

One of the plaintiff’s witnesses was a police officer and also the woman’s relative, who said he had been informed about the attack immediately afterwards.

The court found the defendants’ evidence and testimony unconvincing, rejecting their allegation the plaintiff wanted to defame them because of a conflict at work, along with credit card slips and witnesses claiming they were elsewhere at the time of the offence.

Surachat is the son of an army general and former husband of Areewan Jatuthong, a former Miss Thailand runner-up. In 1997, he made headlines after being arrested for beating and sexually torturing his wife by dripping hot candle wax on her body and forcing here at gunpoint to walk naked in their neighbourhood.

He was sentenced to six years and six months in prison. – Bangkok Post

The following year he was arrested for opening fire at Phaya Thai Police Station with an M-16 assault rifle, and taking two police officers hostage. He wanted police to return three .38 pistols that had been seized from him, and to free two of his friends charged with illegally carrying a weapon in a public place.

The media dubbed him  “Ramba Phaya Thai” after the raid. Ba in Thai means crazy. The nickname was a play on the term Rambo.


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