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Keeping Safe from the Covid-19 with Thai Style Social Distancing

Pictures have gone viral showing people in Thailand practicing social distancing, and most of them are very creative and funny.



Thai style Social Distancing

As the State of Emergency for Covid-19 becomes a reality in Thailand so has social distancing for Thai people. Social distancing is a safety measure intended to minimize the risks of getting infected by Covid-19.

The main purpose of social distancing is to avoid disease transmission. The Thai health department recommends maintaining a 1 meter distance away from other people. Especially anyone who is coughing or sneezing as they spray liquid droplets out of their nose and mouth that may contain the virus.

Coming too close to an infected person can even cause you to breathe in these droplets. Because we never know when a stranger in going to cough or sneeze. Because of this it is best to maintain a safe distance between everyone. Especially when out in public.

The concept of social distancing has introduced a new lifestyle to people all over Thailand. Pictures have gone viral showing people in Thailand practicing social distancing. Even more most of them are very creative and funny.

The first picture is a food delivery driver being temperature scanned by a security guard of the building. The man stands still as the woman tries her best to keep the distance apart.

Social Distance Scanning

covid-19 social distancing

In Thailand, during the mornings you will see people give alms to the monks as good merit of the day. This is practiced all over the nation and monks from every temple will begin their walk to visit the people before sunrise.

This second picture shows a man trying his best to the distance apart while also trying to pay respect to the monk. The woman kneeling on the ground beside the man has her hand up in case he falls over.

Giving Alms to a Monk

Social Distancing covid-19

Grab Motorbike taxi services are a unique public transportation method in Thailand. Its often much faster than choosing to deal with heavy traffic. This next picture shows a woman with impeccable balancing skills as she sits on the tail of the motorbike.

Grab Motorcycle Taxi Distancing

Grab Motorbike social distancing thailand

Even the dogs in Thailand are getting with the program and practicing social distancing. For this next picture, there can be 2 cases, the first case is that the dogs were sitting apart from each other at a perfect moment or the second case is that the dogs are smarter than we think. They too are practicing social distancing with fear of the Coronavirus.

Thai Dog Social Distancing

dogs social distancing thailand

Even at the bank social distancing in now practiced. In this photo we see a woman at the bank reaching over to sign a document. While still maintaining a safe distance behind the line.

We hope you enjoyed these pictures and are you also are practicing social distancing? If not then this is the time to start.

Source: Thai Residence


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