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Top UK and Asian Laws That Have Caught People Out When Abroad

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Governments implement laws to keep a country running smoothly. There are strange, eccentric, and slightly ridiculous rules in every country that will leave you bewildered in your head.

One of the most rewarding experiences is immersing yourself in a new culture. However, if you haven’t done enough research about the culture of different locations, this can backfire. The United Kingdom and Asia are well known for their exciting and strange laws.

While some of these laws may seem archaic or irrelevant today, they remain in the books as a testament to their historical origins. Here are some of the weirdest laws in the United Kingdom and some in Asia that you can find more details about here.

It is illegal to walk around naked in a house in Singapore

According to Section 27A of the Public Order and Nuisance Act, it is illegal to appear naked in a private area where it is visible to the public in Singapore. Walking around naked in your house or hotel, even if you are alone, is ‌indecent exposure, and it’s an offence that can cost someone $2,000 or three months in prison.

Members of Parliament may not wear any armour inside Parliament quarters

Wearing a full suit of armour in the Houses of Parliament is banned under UK law, according to the Statute prohibiting Bearing of Armor (1313) Act.

Edward II enacted the statute to end the bloodshed in parliament between the pro-royalist Lancastrians and the anti-royalist Earl of Gloucester’s party.

Visit Your Parents in China

In China, the law stipulates that if you are over 18 and your parents are 60 or older, you must visit them “often” or risk being arrested. The law encourages filial piety, a virtue that Confucius preached powerfully. If you don’t have time to visit often, you must at least call them or send a text message every day.

This may appear strange, but it serves various reasons: to reduce loneliness among the elderly. Families are an essential part of Chinese culture, and the legislation only emphasises this.

The Elderly Rights Law requires adult children in the country to visit their elderly parents. The law is difficult to implement because it does not define a certain number of visits every year.

Don’t Chew Gum in Singapore

In 1992, the city-state of Singapore passed a law banning the importation and sale of chewing gum. The law was enacted to keep the city clean. Chewing gum stuck to the sidewalks made them challenging to clean, and Singapore wanted to send a message that it was serious about being clean.

The law was amended in 2004 to allow the sale of therapeutic gum, but all other gum is still banned. Prepare to spend two years in prison or pay a fine if caught chewing gum. Make sure you don’t have any gum in your bag before flying to this country, as it may cause problems with airport security. Selling gum can cause fines of up to $100,000.

You cannot slide on the Icy streets

According to Section 54 of the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839, sliding on an icy street in the United Kingdom is illegal. The law is in place to prevent people from causing accidents.

This may seem like a strange law, but it makes sense to consider the number of pedestrians who walk on the sidewalks. If someone were to slip and fall, they could seriously injure themselves or someone else.

Leaving your clothing hanging across the street is illegal in the UK

According to the Town Police Clauses Act 1847, it is illegal to leave your clothing hanging across the street. While you may not be arrested for this, you may be fined £1,000 if a police officer finds you doing it.

The UK is not the only country with this law. In fact, many countries have similar laws in place. In Singapore, for example, it is also illegal to leave your clothes hanging across the street.


In conclusion, there are many strange laws in the United Kingdom and Asia that you may not be aware of. Some of these laws seem archaic and outdated, while others are still enforced today.

Whether you find them amusing or confusing, it’s always interesting to learn about the various laws that exist in different parts of the world because ignorance of the law is no excuse- so if you’re caught breaking one of these laws, be prepared to face the consequences.


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