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Nepal Bans TikTok and illicit Gambling content

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Nepal Bans TikTok and illicit Gambling content

In order to maintain the country’s “social harmony,” the Nepalese government has imposed an official ban on the social media app TikTok. The explanation behind the restriction, which was announced on November 13 2023, has yet to be made public. However, reports say that it is due to the app’s inclusion of gambling content, hate speech, anti-government propaganda, and other items.

TikTok has been increasingly used as a platform for online gambling in India and Nepal. Back in early 2023, the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office, Minbhawan, detained four people from various locations who were involved in gambling on TikTok Live between January 10 and January 17. According to the authorities, they used digital wallets to make transactions for more than Nepalese Rs 5 million.

TikTok was used by local Nepalese social media influencers to promote gambling ads recently. On June 14th 2023, Kathmandu police detained eight people who were reportedly conducting fraud via the online gambling site 1XBET. Many of the jailed individuals were well-known YouTubers and influencers. The authorities discovered that these individuals were promoting 1XBET for a variety of online betting or gambling activities.

The authorities stated that the people were held under Article 125 of Nepal’s Criminal Code on suspicion of promoting gambling websites and indulging in illegal gaming via their TikTok & Youtube channels.

A long term ban of such a popular social platform such as TikTok does not serve Nepal’s tech industry well and the hope is for TikTok and the Nepalese government to work on a solution that doesn’t require a long term ban.

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