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The Homeowner’s Tree Removal Guide



The Homeowner's Tree Removal Guide

Trees are always appreciated in the home landscape, but tree removal is sometimes the only alternative when they become diseased or seriously damaged. Tree removal is not a job to be taken lightly due to the significant danger of injury and property damage.

While small trees can be removed safely by hand, a professional tree service should remove more giant trees. To find a reputable service in your area, consider searching for tree removal near me.

Professional tree removal services have the necessary skills and expertise to remove giant, poorly damaged trees safely.

When Should You Cut Down a Tree?

Because dying and dead trees continue to provide shade and shelter to wildlife, thorough removal is best reserved for structurally unsound trees. These are more prone to fall and cause damage or harm.

However, not all tree flaws are created equal. If half of the tree is affected, it should be removed.

Cracks and other damage encompass more than a quarter of the trunk, and damage to the branches indicates that you should remove the tree.

The same is true for a tree leaning more than 15 degrees and displaying signs of root lifting. Hollow trees can live for years, but because they are more prone to falling, you should remove any tree lacking more than a third of its heartwood.

Species are also important. A tree species prone to breakage, illnesses, or pests, or that develops roots that tear up your lawn and walkways may be worth removing, even if it is not severely damaged.

Consider the tree’s placement as well. It’s best to remove it if it’s growing under power lines or a roof overhang, close to your property border, near a body of water, on a steep slope, or in a rocky location with little soil.

Examine the Legalities

Check your local restrictions before deciding to remove a tree. Some municipalities prohibit the removal of trees for solely cosmetic reasons, even on private land, but allow the removal of structurally unsafe trees and those too close to utility or property lines.

In some circumstances, a permit or formal approval may be required, especially if the tree is in an environmentally sensitive region such as a slope or floodplain.

If you employ a professional tree service Loganville, they will conduct the necessary research for you. You can also find out via your city council or county commissioner’s office.

Small Tree Removal Procedures

If the tree is less than 10 inches in diameter, you can remove it if you have the proper equipment. Ensure that there is plenty of area for the tree to fall without damaging anything.

Wear protective equipment such as heavy gloves, robust boots, a hard hat, ear protection, and safety goggles. One should use a chainsaw with a bar at least as long as the tree’s diameter.

If the tree proves challenging to bring down, keep a tree felling wedge available. Request that someone keep an eye on the tree as you work and notify you of any falling limbs or swaying which you may not see.

Begin by choosing in which direction you want the tree to fall. Expect the tree to collapse in the direction it is leaning.

Choose several escape routes in case the tree begins to fail unexpectedly. A single cut straight through the trunk is all that is required to down a tree less than 7 inches in diameter.

Three cuts are required for an enormous tree. First, make a quarter-inch cut through the trunk on the side you want the tree to fall toward.

The next should be about 2 inches above the first, angled downward 45 degrees to form a wedge. The third cut, or back cut, is made on the other side, about 2 inches above the wedge’s bottom.

Cut until approximately 10% of the tree’s diameter between the back cut and wedge. As you finish the back cut, the tree should begin to collapse, so keep an eye on how it’s traveling. Clear the area promptly if it becomes out of control.

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