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Tips for Conquering the Global Sleep Epidemic



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People in Thailand are sleep deprived, with adults sleeping an average of 6.3 hours per day, according to a survey by the AIA Insurance Group. The survey, which covered 10,000 adults in 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, found that most people in Thailand wished they could sleep for 7.7 hours nightly and indeed, this number is a good target to aim for. Doctors recommend that adults obtain between seven and nine hours of sleep every night for optimal physical and mental health.

The Thai population is certainly not alone in its struggle. Popular app SleepCycle conducted research showing that not a single country in the world is achieving enough sleep. Rather, 6.8 hours is the norm on a global scale. Conquering the sleep deprivation epidemic is both a societal and a personal matter. You may not be able to control the hours you work or the stress you encounter on a daily basis, but there is plenty you can do to mitigate their effects on vital sleep.

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Perhaps you will be motivated to make a change by reading up on just a few studies that reveal the effects of poor sleep quantity and sleep quality. One study published in the journal JNeurosci, found that just one night of poor sleep increases your perception of pain. Another found that disorders like sleep apnea is linked to inflammation – a process that hampers cardiovascular function, mood, kidney function, eye health, sexual health and more. Poor sleep also affects mood and can be a trigger for anxiety and depression. It can hamper academic or work performance, and pose an accident risk for those who drive.

What Steps can You Take to Curb Sleep Deprivation?

Sleeping well every night begins with establishing a strict bedtime routine and creating the right ambience at home. In order to sleep in sync with your circadian rhythms, you should sleep in a room that is dark and completely silent. Selecting the right firmness for your mattress is also key. Many beds have been tested on people with different sleeping positions, with research showing that back and stomach sleepers require a firm mattress to keep back pain at bay. Side-sleepers, on the contrary, need a bed that supports all their pressure points equally, so they can stave off shoulder pain. Your bedroom is only one piece of the puzzle, of course. Throughout the day you should avoid stimulating beverages like caffeine, and do your best to exercise and engage in stress busting activities like meditation or yoga, so you don’t feel stressed or restless at night time.

The Sleep Society of Thailand Fights to Promote Better Sleep

This year, the Sleep Society of Thailand (SST) is aiming to raise awareness among the population of the importance of good sleep. Recently, the SST celebrated World Sleep Day by presenting specialized TV programs aimed at different age groups: children, teens, adults, and seniors. Topics covered by the programs included The Importance of Sleep, Sleep and Brain Development, The Silent Danger of Snoring, Sleep Hygiene in Working Adults, and many more pertinent and vital topics. Check out the SST’s ‘Expert Tips’ to achieve a better night’s sleep for your whole family.

Get Help if You Need It

If sleepers snore, your partner tells you it seems like you stop breathing at moments during the night, or you simply wake up feeling tired and you feel sleepy during the day, visit a sleep specialist to check for possible sleep disorders. Sleep apnea is one condition that an severely strain your heart and lower your lifespan. Due diagnosis will enable your doctor to recommend a treatment. The latter may simply involve wearing an apparatus at night that clears your airways. In very severe cases, surgery may be recommended.

Good sleep is vital for your physical and mental wellbeing, but also for your and other people’s safety – especially if you drive. Enjoying good sleep quantity and quality helps you feel alert throughout the day, and allows you to shine at school or work, and at social occasions. If you find that making changes such as sleeping at the same time every night, avoiding gadget use at night, and practicing stress relief techniques does not improve your sleep, see a specialist. Good sleep is essential to a long and healthy life so it is vital to start enjoying it as soon as possible.

Firm mattress

Many beds have been tested on people with different sleeping positions, with research showing that back and stomach sleepers require a firm mattress to keep back pain at bay. If you consider that you belong to this group of people, you should consider getting a new mattress. Before you decide which mattress fits you the best, be sure to check for the firmest mattress reviews that will help you make your decision wisely.

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