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7 Easy Ways To Boost Your Metabolism And Burn Calories



Boost Your Metabolism

30-Second Summary

  • Metabolism is the rate at which a person’s body burns calories for energy.
  • The metabolism speed relies on various factors comprising body fat, sex, age, activity level, genetics, and muscle mass.
  • You depend on your metabolism to think, digest, breathe, circulate blood, be warm in the cold, and remain cool in the heat.
  • Reduce your calories by restricting added sugars, cutting down on portion sizes, selecting vegetables, lean proteins, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats.
  • Along with proper food consumption, follow high-intensity workouts as there are many benefits of exercise.


Metabolism portrays every chemical reaction occurring in your body. Such chemical reactions keep your body lively and functioning. Nevertheless, many use the term metabolism synonymously with the metabolic rate or burnt calories. Remember, the higher the metabolism rate, the more calories you burn, which makes it easy to lose weight.

High metabolism results in more energy and makes you feel rejuvenated. But, how speedily your body burns calories is dependent on numerous factors. It is because only a few people hold a speedy metabolism. Men burn more calories compared to women. On top of that, metabolism slows down with age for many people. Healthy eating habits can help increase your metabolism rate and maintain your weight.

What Eating Habits Should You Follow For Boosting Your Metabolism?

It’s factual to state that some foods might rapidly boost your metabolic rate. Consuming this kind of food makes it easy to lose body fat as your goal for a healthy lifestyle. Intake of raw vegetables fresh and raw vegetables is a must in your daily meal plan. Raw vegetables are rich in fibers that decrease craving and protract the digestion procedure. When blended with low-calorie value, raw vegetables are the best solution for weight loss and a metabolism enhancement.

  • Boost Your Iron Levels

Iron converts blood sugar into energy that stimulates the human body’s muscles. Many iron-rich foods like red meat, beats, and fish increase your metabolism to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Don’t Skip Food

Intake food in proper amounts to enhance your metabolism and get that desired shape. Generally, you must have five small meals every three hours. Don’t forget to eat daily at a fixed time and put off late dinner.

When people skip food, they tend to become a victim of phenol, which is an appetite suppressant. This Phenocal review states that it is a less effective supplement compared to others.

Seven Effective Ways To Boost Your Metabolism and Burn Calories 

Maintaining a food and fitness lifestyle is necessary to increase your metabolism rate. Let’s get to know the seven easy ways to have great results:

1. Follow A High-Intensity Workout.

High-intensity interval training(HIIT) includes fast and intense bursts of activity. As per research, high-intensity interval training(HIIT) is a great strategy to enhance metabolic health and cardiorespiratory.

It burns more fat and increases your metabolic rate swiftly when you finish your workout. According to one study, overweight young men reduced fat mass of 4.4 pounds(2 kg) and belly fat by 17% through 12 weeks of high-intensity exercise.

2. Don’t Take The Stress.

Stress creates an impact on hormone levels, and it generates more cortisol than normal in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that normalizes appetite. Researchers discovered in 2011 that abnormal cortisol levels cause disordered eating in people.

Disordered eating comprises weight issues and dietary limitations, which might direct to unhealthy eating patterns with disruption in metabolism. Stress linked with the quality of sleep affects metabolism.

According to recent research, stress might be a major factor in metabolic disorders.

3. Add Spicy Foods

Spicy foods carry natural chemicals that fuel your metabolism at a higher rate. While cooking your favorite food, add a tablespoon of green chili or red pepper to charge your metabolic rate. Though the effect might be temporary, eating spicy foods regularly increases the metabolism.

4. Consume Protein-rich Food 

The interesting thing to know is that our body burns several calories digesting protein compared to consuming carbohydrates or fats. Substituting carbs with protein-rich food can amplify metabolism at a great rate. Best sources of protein contain turkey, lean beef, white meat chicken, nuts, eggs, tofu, fish, low-fat dairy products, and beans.

Eat natural foods and don’t intake supplements. It is because a few Phenocal reviews suggest this is quite adverse for the body.

5. Select Whole Grains

It consumes more effort and time to break whole grains compared to processed grains, such as the flour used in the making of pasta and bread.

According to a Food & Nutrition research study, consuming food that the body takes time to digest elevates metabolic rate. Pomona College researchers discovered that intake of whole foods enhances post-meal energy expenditure by 50% in comparison to eating processed foods.

The following whole grains are rich in fiber and help raise the metabolism rate.

  • Quinoa
  • Brown rice
  • Sprouted grain bread
  • Oatmeal

6. Do Resistance Training

Fat has a lower metabolic rate than muscle mass, indicating that muscle mass needs more energy preservation. Increased metabolism rate is one of the many benefits of exercise. One such benefit is strength training which aids in building muscle.

A human’s body generally starts losing muscle with aging. Hence, regular resistance training can cancel out this effect.

Resistance training might include lifting weights and undergoing exercise that contains the weight of the body or resistance bands to strengthen muscle.

7. Getting Ample Sleep

When a person sleeps for less time, the body releases a hormone named “ghrelin,” which makes a person hungry.

Take adequate sleep and balance hormones. Although the correct amount of sleep differs from person to person, research recommends that adults require 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

The Bottom Line

Anybody can transform their food and fitness lifestyle to boost their metabolism. The foods mentioned above will certainly help you increase your metabolic rate and burn calories. Therefore, including them in your diet will reduce your weight and maintain it long-term. Similarly, it is crucial to do HIIT workouts and resistance training to increase your metabolism rate at a high level.


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