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Jen’s English Tips- Explaining a Problem in English





Explaining a problem in English


Sometimes you don’t have access to what you need. To explain a problem, you can use ‘I’ve got a problem…’
Use the preposition ‘with’ to talk about something that is causing the problem.
I’ve got a problem with my computer. It does not work properly.
I’ve got a problem with my car. It doesn’t start.
I’ve got a problem. This assignment has to be completed by tomorrow but I haven’t got the books I need.
I have got a problem with my air conditioning system
Before you can ask someone for help, you need to explain the problem. Use a structure with ‘There is… / There isn’t…’
There is a foul smell in our room.
There is no water in the bathroom.
There are no fans in my bedroom.
There aren’t enough books in the library.
There isn’t enough food for everyone.

If you don’t have something you need, you can use a structure with ‘I haven’t got…’
I haven’t got her phone number.
I haven’t got anything to wear.
I haven’t got a mobile phone.
I haven’t got enough money to buy the tickets.
I haven’t got a car.
I haven’t got a good job.
If you have a problem, say ‘I have got a problem.’

If you are not able to do something, say ‘I can’t…’
I can’t read this.
I can’t drive.
I can’t open the door.
I can’t find my phone.

If you don’t understand something, say ‘I don’t understand…’
I don’t understand the instructions.
I don’t understand what he wants.
I don’t understand Chinese.


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