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Content and Content

If you find the English ‘content’ that you have been reading useful, you must be ‘content’. Confused about the different meanings of ‘content’? Read on to find out more!

When we say ‘we are content’, it can mean to be happy and satisfied with something.

In this case, ‘content’ is used as an adjective. Experiencing happiness and satisfaction is known as ‘contentment’.

I’m content with that explanation.
Contentment is important in one’s life.

‘Content’ can also be used as a noun.

It can refer to the information or ideas that are part of articles, books or magazines. In this case, ‘content’ is a singular noun.

There is a lot of content on this website.
I find the English content that is available online very useful.

We can also say ‘table of contents’ or ‘contents page’ which can be found at the start of a book or report.The contents page tells us what is in the book or report and it is usually listed with page numbers.

Another meaning of ‘content’ can refer to the amount of a particular substance contained in something. Again, in this case, ‘content’ is a singular noun.

Sugary drinks have high fat content.

‘Content’ can also refer to things that are within something. For example, books in a bag or vegetables in a basket. In this case, ‘content’ is a plural noun.

The contents of her school bag spilled all over the floor.
The contents of the vegetable basket include carrots, tomatoes and potatoes.


All of Jen’s students say she is the best Thai teacher they have had because she is patient with them and teaches at their pace with no pressure to learn quickly.

Jen teaches at her home in Chiang Rai and can be reached on 0814 726 644

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