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Jen’s English Tip – “Alternate”





Are you confused about the meaning of ‘alternate’ as a verb and adjective?

‘Alternate’ can be used a verb and an adjective.

As a verb, ‘alternate’ can mean to occur one after the other repeatedly. We usually use ‘alternate’ when we’re talking about going between two things.

“She alternated between freestyle and backstroke during her swimming lesson today.”

“He has been alternating between his parents’ place and his friend’s place during the school break.”

The governorshipalternated betweenthe Republican and Democratic parties”

Another formis  ‘alternating’ .

‘Alternate’ as an adjective can mean every other. For instance, if we’re talking about days, it can mean on every second day.

“Cycling to the city is allowed only on alternate days.”

“They go to the park every alternate Sunday.”


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