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Wishbeer Announces Hand Delivered Imported Beers Anywhere in Thailand




BANGKOK – Have you ever dreamed about having your favourite imported beer delivered to your home for you to enjoy on a sultry Bangkok evening?

Wishbeer is pleased to announce the launch of one of Thailand’s first online imported beer Stores, serving the Capital Region and beyond with hand delivered premium imported beers.

“I personally wanted to get a chance to drink great imported beers at home, but it’s quite challenging as some beers are only available in a few select stores like those found in Paragon, Central World or Villa,” said Jerome Le Louer, Founder of Wishbeer.

He continued, “The selection in these stores is still very limited, and you can’t really buy cases of beer unless you have a car. We have solved this problem by offering a fantastic selection, greater than that found in almost any store, delivered to your door.”

Bangkok’s sprawling landscape makes it a chore for people who don’t live in the Central Business District, don’t have time to go out or don’t live near a bar to get access to the increasing number of quality beers available. Wishbeer delivers the beer store to you.

Bangkok’s sprawl doesn’t just affect beer drinkers, distributors have a tough time getting their product to the masses. Jerome noted, “It’s becoming increasingly difficult for distributors to gain visibility of their product especially since the number of beers in the Kingdom is increasing. We offer a twofold solution: First we help distributors gain visibility of their product, and second we can help get it to customers. It’s really a winwin.” He stressed that the company is not in competition with bars, but rather that it’s more of a compliment to the bar scene.

Wishbeer currently offers beers brewed by topname brewers from eight countries including Belgium, Germany, Japan and The USA. Breweries include: Hoegaarden, Leffe, Chimay, Paulaner, Rogue, Hitachino and Anderson Valley with more being added on a weekly basis.

In order to keep prices competitive, there is a minimum order of six beers. If you are feeling adventurous and up for trying something new, there are a number of taster packs also available.

Just head over to the website, select your brew and order up! You can pay with credit card, PayPal or wire transfer and there’s free delivery in the CBD for orders over THB 2,000. Order more than THB 4,000 and receive 10% off.

Wishbeer delivers between the hours of 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 12:00 am, with orders being delivered within three to five days. Jerome commented, “We aim to improve this delivery time, so you can have your beer delivered within hours.”

It’s time for better beer Bangkok!

About Wishbeer

One fine day in 2012, a group of beer enthusiasts in Thailand were sitting around a bucket of beer wishing they could have premium beers delivered to their doorsteps. They set out to find a way to realize that wish. Along the journey, they came to realize that so many people also wished that they could indulge in premium beer at a fair price with no hassle. was the answer.

Wishbeer has exploded onto the beer scene with over 4,000 Facebook likes in the first month of operations and can deliver premium beers throughout Thailand. Keep your eye on the website for an always expanding selection of premium beer. Your wishes for quality, home delivered beer have been answered.

Facebook Page:

Fast Facts


Jerome Le Louer

Favorite beers: Belgian Beers!


Upcoming: Bringing new beers 🙂


Free delivery in CBD for orders over THB 2,000

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