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Taiwanese Man Arrested at Bangkok’s Don Mueang  Airport for Trying to Smuggle 7.2 Kg of Heroin

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BANGKOK – Thailand’s Drug Suppression police have apprehended two Taiwanese with combined 16 kilograms of heroin in their possession, police said Saturday.

Police on Friday arrested  38-year-old Chen Kuan Lin after they found 7.2 kilograms of heroin  hidden in  18  tins of cooling power at Bangkok’s Don Mueang  Airport while he was about to board a plane to Taiwan, police said.

After interrogation, police later arrested another man identified as Kai Lin Xie 30, at a hotel room in Soi Rang Nam. Police found 8.8 kilograms of heroin hidden in powder tins there.

The alleged smuggler told police that he came to Thailand on April 13 and was hired 30,000 baht by an unidentified person to take the two cases of cooling power to Taiwan.

The arrests were made after Taiwanese police had asked for cooperation from the Thai police to crack down the drug smuggling. Some of the gang members had been earlier arrested in Taiwan.

If the drug is smuggled into Taiwan, the street value will cost 100 times, higher than the price in Thailand.

Source: Ejan News,TNA

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