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Spanish Man Busted for Growing Marijuana in his Bangkok Home

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Police on Friday arrested a 42 year-old Spanish man for allegedly growing marijuana plants at his house in the Chom Thong district of Bangkok.  Police went to check a house after an informant said marijuana plants were being grown.

Upon arrival at the Spanish mans residence Police found 35 plants and a greenhouse in the house. They also discovered a vacuum sealer, plastic bags, and weigh scales.

The 42 year-ol Spanish man was charged with producing a narcotic and also with the intent to sell.

Bangkok Police are cracking down on more people involved in the marijuana network. According to the Bangkok Post, the Spanish man informed police that he had grown the plants for only around three months.

Chinese man also busted for growing Marijuana

On June 2, a Chinese man was arrested in Bangkok for growing 1,000 cannabis plants in a warehouse for online sale.

Wu Ding Bin, 41, was detained near his room on Soi Ramkhamhaeng in Bangkok.

Police allege that Mr Wu and four Chinese accomplices grew organic marijuana at a rented warehouse on Soi On Nut 82 in Prawet district. The then sold the marijuana online and delivered it through courier services.

“Marijuana was priced at up to 700,000 baht per kilogram,” Pol Lt Gen Pakapong said.

The suspect denied knowledge of growing marijuana in the warehouse, claiming he was only an electrician. The Bangkok police chief said surveillance camera footage showed the man paid frequent visits to the warehouse.

The warehouse had been air-conditioned and lit up around the clock. The electricity bill was 70,000-100,000 baht a month. While the monthly rent was about 40,000 baht.

Before the arrest, the gang had cut off electricity at the warehouse and let the plants die, Pol Lt Gen Pakapong said.

He said police apprehended Mr. Wu because a Hong Kong man who was growing marijuana at another building in Bangkok ratted him out. He told police Mr Wu was also growing marijuana to get a lessor penalty.

Thailand Drafts Law to Allow the Growing Marijuana at Home

In September of 2019, Thailand’s ruling coalition proposed a draft law that would allow Thais to grow a limited amount of Marijuana. Marijuana was legalized the drug for medicinal and research purposes earlier this year.

Under Thailand’s current drug laws, recreational users of marijuana can incur tough penalties; including up to 10 years in prison for possession and hefty fines.

A senior lawmaker said the draft law would allow up to six marijuana plants per household. Marijuana is still a drug under Thai law.

The proposal was an election promise of Thailand’s Bhumjaithai Party, which campaigned to allow Thais to grow Marijuana. The draft law is designed to develop the Thailand’s newly legal medical marijuana industry.

Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration announced this month a cannabis business workshop as public and investor interest heighten after the policy was introduced.

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