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Father in Thailand Accused of Killing His 5 Children



Father in Thailand Accused of Killing His 5 Children

A man accused for conspiring with his wife to murder his 2-year-old daughter allegedly admitted to murdering his four sons born to one of his three previous wives in central Thailand.

Songsak Songsaeng, 46, and his wife Sunan Nahuanin, 40, both from Kamphaeng Phet, were detained in Pathum Thani and transferred to Kamphaeng Phet to show where their 2-year-old daughter was buried. They were returned to Bangkok’s Bang Khen police station early Wednesday.

The body of a young girl was discovered buried and covered in concrete at her mother’s home in Kamphaeng Phet in central Thailand.

Mr. Songsak cried during questioning at the Bang Khen police station, but he also allegedly acknowledged to killing his daughter. According to authorities, he stated that mental illness caused him to murder the girl.

He expressed regret for his behaviour and expressed a desire to apologise.

Witnesses alerted authorities of frequent domestic violence in the suspects’ household, according to Pol Maj Gen Atthaphol Anusit, commander of the Metropolitan authorities Bureau division 2.

The pair was arrested after social media influencer Kanthat Pongpaiboonvej, aka Kan Chompalang, called police on 10 September to assist two girls, aged 12 and 4, who had been physically attacked by their father, Mr Songsak, at their flat room in Bang Khen district, according to neighbours. The girls’ parents were not at home during the rescue effort.

The couple were the parents of three children. There was no indication of the youngest, who was two years old. Neighbours alleged the pair informed them the girl was going to live with her grandfather in another province.

During questioning, the two rescued girls admitted to authorities that their parents had both abused and killed their younger sister.

Police later apprehended the couple in Pathum Thani province. Mr. Songsak, a delivery rider, and Ms. Sunan allegedly admitted to killing their 2-year-old daughter after questioning.

According to Thai media, the pair was apprehended when withdrawing cash from the Big C store in the Future Park Rangsit mall. Police confiscated a Honda Jazz from them. On May 21, the automobile allegedly transported their daughter’s body to Ms Sunan’s residence in Kampaheng Phet.

The suspects were held at Bang Khen police station on Wednesday after returning from Kamphaeng Phet, where they pointed out where they buried their daughter’s body, in the kitchen area of the wife’s house, according to Pol Col Anan Vorasart, chief of Bang Khen police.

Pol Col Anan stated that investigators would continue to investigate the couple in order to determine why they killed the child.

According to a police source, Mr Songsak has ten children from four spouses. The oldest was 22 years old. He has one child with each of his first and second spouses, five with his third wife, and three with his current, fourth wife.

The man allegedly acknowledged to killing four children born to one of his previous marriages. According to the police source, the admitted murders occurred in 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2018.

The former third wife allegedly accused Mr Songsak of murdering their four sons, all of whom were boys. Two of the bodies were allegedly disposed of in the Bang Sue area in 2013 and 2014, while the other two bodies were allegedly disposed of in the Sai Mai area.


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