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British Expat Alex Walton Found Unconscious in Tarm Forest, Si Saket Province



The rescue team later found Mr. Alex Walton, 60, lying unconscious on the ground – Photo Khaosod Online


SI SAKET – A British Expat Alex Walton who had been lost in the wilderness for 3 days has been rescued by a rescue team in Tarm Forest, Si Saket Province.

The police were alerted when local fishermen in the Moon River reported of hearing cries for help in English in the direction of Tarm Forest, on the bank of the river.

The rescue team later found Mr. Alex Walton, 60, lying unconscious on the ground, shirtless and covered with mosquito bite marks, the police added.

Alex was transported to Rasi Salai Hospital for medical check-up were doctors reported his condition to be stable. Doctors said they would keep him in the hospital for few more days for observation to assure he was in good health.

The police also found a car owned by Mr. Walton approximately 4 kilometers away from where he was rescued.

His wife told reporters that she had contacted the police to inform them that Mr. Walton had been missing since 14 September and his neighbors had been looking for him ever since.

Mr. Walton′s wife said Alex suffered from a mental disorder and tends to “black out” when he is stressed. According to his wife sometimes he does things without being aware of it.

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