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Authorities Seizes US$503,000 in Assets From Forex-3D Scam Suspects

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Officials from Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation (DSI) have seized US$ 503,000 worth of assets from people accused of running an online Forex-3D scam.  The assets were seized from Mr. Apiruk Kothi, the owner of Forex-3D, and others involved in an alleged fraud.

DSI officials and Central Institute of Forensic Science officers also searched four more locations in Thailand Wednesday. They seized assets from those accused of being behind the online broker Forex-3D scam.

In the first raid, the DSI-led team searched a house in Lat Phrao district of Bangkok.  Officers seized some documents and several valuable items from the house.

In the second Forex scam raid, officers searched a laction in Bangkok and seized a Porsche worth over US$300,000.

At the third bust, the team also searched a warehouse in Nonthaburi province. Officials seized documents related to the Forex-3D scam and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle worth US$43,000.

In the fourth location, the team seized documents and several items such as a Porsche car and a Toyota van.

In total, the DSI seized assets worth US$ 503,000 from the four locations, according to the Bangkok Post.

Earlier, the DSI also seized assets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from Mr Apiruk and his network members during raids on six locations in various districts across Bangkok and Chiang Mai on Nov 22.

Chinese Forex Brokers Busted in Phuket

Meanwhile, authorities in Phuket, Thailand have arrested 5 Chinese Forex brokers at their rented house after a tip off from an informant. Police said they raided the house and found the five Chinese were trading in the Chinese yuan and US dollar, acting as brokers.

They also told investigators they entered Thailand with a travel visas. They said they were hired to run the Forex brokerage with various duties. Such as foreign exchange trading, posting ads on websites and mobile applications. Also luring new members via the Line app.

The five were charged with working a Forex brokerage without a work permit. Their assets, including five laptops, 15 mobile phones and transaction documents were seized.


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