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Australian Mother and 14 Year Old Daughter Die on Bali Trip – VIDEO



Noelene Gay Bischoff and daughter Yvana Jeana Yuri Bischoff have tragically died in Bali.



BALI – Family of a mother and daughter who died suddenly while on holidays in Bali say all they know is that the pair ate a fish meal before their deaths.

THe Buddha Bar Restaurant at the Padangbai Beach Resort is believed to be the venue where Noelene and Yvana Bischoff ate their last meal. Picture: News Limited

Noelene Gay Bischoff, 54, and Yvana Jeana Yuri Bischoff, 14, arrived at Bali and checked into a resort on Friday.

Less than 24 hours later, after eating dinner at the local Buddha Restaurant, both fell sick and contacted staff for help.

Police say Ms Bischoff died on route to the Bali International Medical Clinic (BIMC) on Saturday, and her daughter died a short time later.

It is a tragedy relatives in Australia cannot comprehend.

Ms Bischoff’s brother-in-law Kevin Bowe says the circumstances are still not clear to him.

“Yesterday was a hell of a shock but over the day and last night we managed to come to grips with it,” he said.

“It’d be nice to get decent answers.”

Ms Bischoff’s brother-in-law Kevin Bowe says a report from the Department of Foreign Affairs suggests the pair died from eating fish.

“On the news this morning they said something different, but we’ve been told it is fish they’ve eaten,” he said.

“We are sticking to that at the moment, that was the report from DFAT.”

Earlier reports suggested the pair may have suffered from food poisoning. Staff at the medical clinic will not say if they know the cause of death.

The manager of the restaurant in Bali where the pair had dinner has denied the food is to blame.

Giovanni Bareato has told the ABC the restaurant was full of clients eating similar dishes to the ones the women were having.

He says he has not heard of anyone complaining about feeling ill, and the cause of death could be a food allergy.

A senior local police source says the treating doctor at the clinic suspected a food allergy.

“What kind of food, we don’t know. All the medicines are from abroad,” he said.

“The vomit and medicines have been taken to [a] forensic laboratory.”

Teen ‘had her life planned’

Mr Bowe says the mother and daughter often went on holidays together and had just arrived in Bali for a two week holiday together.

Ms Bischoff worked as a nurse at the Caloundra Hospital and cared for her elderly mother while raising her daughter as a single parent.

“Yvana was effervescent, plenty of life. Educated and had everything planned,”

“She’d done a great job, looking after the whole family and made a good living,” Mr Bowe said.

“She relied on no-one else. She did it all on her own, she was quite independent.”

He says Ms Bischoff got on well with her teenage daughter, who had just finished Year Seven.

“Yvana was effervescent, plenty of life. Educated and had everything planned,” he said.

“She knew what she wanted to do, had her life planned and she would’ve done it too.”

DFAT says the Australian Consulate-General in Bali is liaising with local authorities and the government is providing consular assistance to the family in Australia.

“Our condolences are with the family and the family have asked that their privacy be respected during this difficult time,” a DFAT spokesperson said.

“The Australian Consulate-General in Bali is liaising with local authorities and we are providing consular assistance to the family in Australia.”

The family have given permission for an autopsy, and the bodies are now at Sanglah Hospital.


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