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58 Year British Expat Ass Kicked By Thai Youth – Video



Stuart Moses Levy, 58, who sought treatment at Pattaya Memorial Hospita


PATTAYA – Police arrested two young men yesterday who allegedly assaulted a 58-year-old British Expat Stuart Moses Levy  in Pattaya.

The incident was captured on video and the clip has “gone viral” on Facebook and Youtube, drawing criticism about how badly the attack has affected Thailand’s image, prompting local police to hurriedly investigate it.

Following a clue about one attacker’s motorcycle taxi vest details, police rushed to Soi 16 (Marine Plaza) on Walking Street to apprehend Prasert Amatmultri, 25, who was wearing the same vest, and friend Wongsathorn Machoke, 19, for interrogation.

The duo later confessed to being the pair in the clip but claimed they assaulted the tourist out of self-defense. They alleged the Briton was hurting a Thai woman when Wongsathorn tried to intervene but was hit, so he fought back. Then Prasert “tried to help” and was attacked by the tourist, so he also fought back.

The video clip, however, showed only part of the incident – towards the end, when the foreigner was on the ground with the two Thai men kicking him, one of them wearing a motorcycle taxi vest.

The injured Expat was later identified as retired Brit Stuart Moses Levy, 58, who sought treatment at Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

Levy’s Thai wife Ketsuda Levy, 35, told police that her husband was still drunk from a party the previous night and had told her in the morning that he would go for breakfast. She later learned that he was assaulted so they wanted to file a police complaint.

Witnesses said the drunken Expat, Levy, bumped and damaged a “Shisha” smoking pipe at a bar, leading to an argument with the female bar owner, after which he went into the bar and reportedly threw snooker rods and balls at people who tried to stop him. The young men came in and tried to stop the man but were hit by theLevy, leading to the fight recorded on the video clip.


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