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Youths Attack Texas Hooters Over Candy Bars



Youths Attack Texas Hooters Over Candy Bars

(CTN News) – This week, a Hooters in Texas came under heavy attack from a group of youths who were allegedly motivated by some candy.

Video footage of the altercation first appeared on Thursday – when the incident appears to have occurred – but has been circulating this weekend… and the footage is absolutely stunning.

You observe a group of young men, some of whom are shirtless, going wild.

In the vestibule of the restaurant, they beat up what appears to be patrons… whining about a particular man who had fallen.

It appears that some of the staff – including at least one Hooters girl – are also involved in the action… with complete mayhem unfolding.

The person filming says something along the lines of… “all in chocolate”, and at one point you can even see a chocolate bar on the floor.

It appears that that’s exactly what caused all of this to happen – according to a Hooters manager who spoke with TMZ, that’s exactly what caused the whole thing to happen.

According to our sources, these guys are door-to-door salesmen who came by Hooters that night to trade their goods, but were turned down due to the’ no-solicitation policy – which is apparently what scared them away from doing business with the restaurant.

Despite the fact that no further details were given, Hooters’ manager said that they have resumed business and that a criminal investigation has been initiated.


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