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Great American Beer Festival Competition Honors 2022 Winners



Great American Beer Festival Competition Honors 2022 Winners
(CTN News) – In the 2022 Great American Beer Festival (GABF), 300 medals were awarded to the best commercial breweries in the United States.
The GABF is presented by the Brewers Association (BA) and is the nation’s largest professional beer competition.

Breweries received gold, silver, and bronze medals in 98 beer categories covering 177 different beer styles (including all subcategories), demonstrating the best examples of each style.

Additionally, three GABF Collaboration medals were awarded to teams of two professional breweries, and three GABF Pro-Am medals were awarded to teams of homebrewers and professional brewers.

During the 40th anniversary Great American Beer Festival, the awards ceremony was held at the Bellco Theatre in Denver.

Over a period of nine days, 235 beer experts from seven countries, including the United States, judged the competition. The judging panel evaluated 9,904 commercial brewery entries as well as 35 Pro-Am entries and 94 Collaboration entries. 310 volunteers contributed to the success of the competition.

“Each year, the Great American Beer Festival showcases the best of what American brewers have to offer,” said Chris Williams, competition director for the festival. This year’s competition had 9,904 entries, making it the most competitive to date.

Thanks to all the Beer Festival winners who demonstrated why the United States is the world’s best brewing nation.”


  • 36th edition of the GABF competition
  • 9,904 beers judged
  • 177 beer styles
  • 2,154 breweries in the competition from 50 states plus Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico
  • 235 judges
  • 310 volunteers
  • In each category, an average of 99 beers were entered.
  • The category with the most entries was American Style India Pale Ale (423 entries).
  • 300 total medals awarded, including 3 Pro-Am and 3 Collaboration medals
  • 268 medal-winning breweries
  • 301 first-time GABF entrants
  • 18 first-time GABF winners

There were 207 entries in Category 50: German-Style Maerzen.

GOLD: Oktoberfest | Mighty Squirrel Brewing Co. | Waltham, MA

SILVER: Docktoberfest | Dry Dock Brewing Co. – North Dock | Aurora, CO

BRONZE: Great Dane Oktoberfest | Great Dane Pub and Brewing Co. – Downtown | Madison, WI


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