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The SingTel Hacker May Have Accessed Over 10,000 Client And Employee Records



The SingTel Hacker May Have Accessed Over 10,000 Client And Employee Records

(CTN News) – In the wake of the Optus data breach last month, SingTel has experienced another massive data breach in its Australian operations.

Second, a Singaporean-owned company reported that some of its clients’ and employees’ data had been linked to the Dark Web.

SingTel Confirms Security Breach

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Monday, Oct. 10, that Dialog, an Australian IT company, had some of its data compromised. They’ve been leaked online.
Seven months ago, SingTel bought the company for $325 million. The technology consulting firm found a “very small sample of” data last Oct. 7. The data contained employees’ personal info.

According to the company, the first attack happened on Sept. 10.  didn’t think any data was accessed at the time.

Dialog said it’s doing its utmost to deal with the situation, and as a precaution, it’s actively engaging with stakeholders to share information, support, and advice.

SingTel’s Cyber Security Protection at Risk

According to The Strait Times, SingTel’s handling of cybersecurity breaches might be in question. Since the Optus hack, it’s only a matter of time before Dialog improves its security measures.

About 9.8 million Optus customers’ data was stolen in September. This was the biggest cybersecurity hack in the country so far.

The hackers had compromised over two million document numbers. Cybercriminals might steal their financial account info.

Optus and Dialog Hacks Have No Connection

The recent attack in Dialog is not related to the Optus data breach, according to SingTel. According to the company, no evidence was found that would support their claim.

Dialog’s official website indicates that the company serves well-known Australian companies including Virgin Australia and National Australia Bank.

SingTel needs to revamp its security to protect customers and employees from data theft after continuous hacks.


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