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Amazon’s CTO Says The Company’s Opening Cloud Regions In Southeast Asia

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Amazon logo on the facade of one of their office buildings. (Dreamstime/TNS) TNSTNS

(CTN News) – A major reason why Amazon is opening cloud regions in Southeast Asia is that customers want their data to be stored securely in their own countries, according to Amazon Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels.

The reason for this is that many of our customers have requested this feature. It was really important for them to have something local in order to meet their data storage needs, or to protect the personal information of their employees,” Vogels told CNBC’s JP Ong.

In the fourth quarter, Amazon Web, Amazon’s cloud computing division, accounted for 31% of all cloud spending, according to Canalys’ report released on Feb. 26.

Regions on Amazon Web Services are physical areas where data centers are clustered. Each Amazon Web Services region consists of a minimum of three availability zones. Each zone is equipped with its own power supply, cooling system, and physical security system, and is connected through redundant, ultra-low-latency networks.

There is a demand for that that is not limited to startups. A number of large corporations and government agencies are also involved. Vogels noted that you can imagine government agencies would also want to undergo a digital transformation.

Having these types of technologies on the ground, in the country, will enable them to provide the best service possible to their citizens and customers.”

AWS announced in November that it is launching a new region in Malaysia this year. The company had previously committed to make an investment of six billion dollars by 2037 to support the government’s ambition to transform Malaysia into a high-income digital economy by 2030.

As a result of this new AWS Region, customers with a preference for data residency will be able to store data securely in Malaysia, achieve even lower latency, and have access to cloud-based services throughout Southeast Asia, according to the statement.

Earlier this year, Amazon Web Services opened a cloud region in Indonesia and in Singapore. In addition, Amazon is planning to open an infrastructure region in Thailand.

In addition to the North American, South American, European, Chinese, Asia Pacific, South African, and Middle Eastern regions, AWS also operates multiple regions throughout the world.

Especially the security capabilities that AWS provides, which enable us to protect these customers. The security of our customers is and will always be our top priority. Our number one investment area is in this field,” stated Vogels.

Additionally, the ability to keep customers safe in our compute regions is of great interest to companies in the region as well as government agencies.


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