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Thailand to Raise $6.4M with Sale of Blockchain-Based Bonds



Thailand to Raise $6.4M with Sale of Blockchain-Based Bonds

The Use of blockchain technology’s high-security platforms allows investors to profit from rapid processes that come with its bond issuance. Thailand seeks to leverage the efficiency brought by blockchain e-wallets in providing its bonds to the investor network.

To many people, blockchain-backed cryptocurrency like bitcoin is just digital cash with no meaningful impact on the economic standing. Some even consider it a fraudulent online payment scheme that only survives on an unjustified hype. The truth is that e-wallet systems are proven to be reliable and can withstand financial storms.

While Blockchain technology is associated with crypto games such as break away, it has also been incorporated in modern economic tools. Countries like Thailand have seen this benefit and are opting to trade in blockchain-backed bonds. This may be due to the high level of efficiency that comes with the use of blockchain systems.

How Thailand Aims to Use Blockchain-Based e-wallets for its Economic Recovery

Thailand’s announcement of entering into the blockchain bonds trade came as welcoming news to many crypto traders. The country’s public debt management office made this call as one way of investing in the digital economy while also managing its economic slump.

Though it’s a government initiative, blockchain-backed crypto trading is a highly unregulated exercise that thrives only in decentralized markets. Contrary to the traditional government-regulated currencies, these e-wallets exist only as a shared digital record of ownership. They are stored on a ledger and have to be verified through a process called mining.

Will Thailand Achieve Its Goal?

Thailand announced its sale of blockchain bonds through an e-wallet system. The distribution of the bonds through the blockchain wallet means the country targets a wide range of investors. The need to increase the efficiency of government systems and perhaps an investment in a true digital economy leaves Thailand’s option for blockchain explained.

Though e-wallet transactions are common in the online trading markets, the sale is set to benefit more retail and wholesale investors. Platforms that accept blockchain supported e-wallet payments can also benefit from these lowest ever priced government bonds.

Thailand to Raise $6.4M with Sale of Blockchain-Based Bonds

Why Thailand Will Benefit from Bond Tokenization

Most advanced economies view the issuance of bonds as a reliable way of sourcing key financing for governments and investors. It’s a hugely popular initiative, especially during economic crises. However, with this huge regard, there has been a slow approach to the digitation of the same.

Thailand’s pronouncement comes at a perfect time where most investors and businesses are fully embracing the digital money markets. Therefore, the blockchain-based bond issuance is set to be beneficial by eliminating long processes and multiple middlemen involved in bond issuance.

There are also other issues in the financial securities market that technological innovations such as blockchain wallets are hoping to solve. Apart from lowering the overall costs of bond issuance, blockchain technology’s adoption benefits Thailand’s bond market in the following ways.

  • Alleviating the overall counterparty risks
  • A boost on the trading data visibility
  • Improving operational efficiency, such as easy verification through looking at blockchain.
  • Settlements on one blockchain ledger mean easier tracking.

Final Thought

With government bonds dominating the Thai market, the adoption of blockchain technology in bond issuance is perhaps one of the country’s best economic decisions. The rising adoption of blockchain supported crypto trading means the country is set to reap big while also enjoying a wide reach to target investors.

It is safe to say this is an opening for cryptocurrency networks to play a pivotal role in keeping economies afloat. This is even important to today’s pandemic ravaged economies. Well, what’s your position on the role of crypto trading as a big player in economic revitalization? You can share your comments.

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