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Amazon UK May Be Forced To Recognize Unions After GMB Wins Ballot Right

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Amazon members of the GMB union picketing the retailer's site in Coventry in November. Photograph: Jacob King/PA

(CTN News) – The GMB was granted permission to hold a legally binding ballot at Amazon’s Coventry warehouse following the internet retailer’s decision to recognise trade unions for the first time.

The Central Arbitration Committee (CAC), the independent statutory body that adjudicates on collective bargaining rights, has ordered a vote to test support for union recognition at the site.

If the GMB wins, it can discuss with Amazon pay, hours, and holidays.

During the past year, the union has struck at the Coventry unit. It demanded a pay rise to £15 an hour and a seat at the table during negotiations. As Amanda Gearing, GMB’s senior organiser, put it: “The fight for union rights at Amazon has been like a modern-day David and Goliath battle since day one.” “This is a truly historic moment for Amazon workers fighting the company’s anti-union propaganda.”

After withdrawing a statutory union recognition application last year, the union accused Amazon of drafting thousands of extra employees to sway the decision. Last month, the GMB applied for a second time at the warehouse, believing that it had secured more than half the jobs there.

As the CAC explained in its statement on Thursday, it did not find that 50% of workers were members, which could have prompted recognition immediately, but accepted the GMB’s request for a ballot.

There was tension in the watchdog’s statement, with Amazon accusing the GMB of making “extremely serious and untrue accusations”, with “ulterior motives” to influence the CAC.

The CAC will appoint an independent person to conduct the vote, which will take place within 20 working days. The GMB must win the majority of votes to be recognized. In addition, “yes” voters must represent at least 40% of the site’s workers.

According to the CAC’s case manager, who gathered evidence from the union and Amazon, the GMB represents 35.62% of the 3,088 workers in the proposed bargaining unit.

Amazon employees have always had a union option.

Our pay is periodically reviewed to ensure we offer competitive wages and benefits. Depending on location, our minimum starting pay has increased to £12.30 and £13 an hour, a 20% increase over two years and a 50% increase since last year.

In addition, we strive to provide high-quality benefits, a positive work environment, and excellent career opportunities for our employees.”


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