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Alibaba Cloud Supports Hangzhou Asian Games’ Digital Transformation



Alibaba Cloud Supports Hangzhou Asian Games' Digital Transformation

(CTN News) – Games’ core system has been successfully migrated to Alibaba Cloud, including the Games Management System, Results Distribution System and Game Support System.

In its role as a partner of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Alibaba Cloud provides the architecture that supports the seamless integration of the core systems and intelligent applications, such as cloud broadcasting and event organization.

This will be the first time in the history of the Asian Games that rights-holding broadcasters (RHBs) will receive live footage via Alibaba Cloud’s public cloud infrastructure.

“It is an honor for us to be given this opportunity. We are able to provide our services to the Hangzhou Asian Games,” said Selina Yuan,

President of International Business at Alibaba Cloud.

By utilizing the scalability, reliability, and security of the cloud infrastructure, we will be able to support the Hangzhou Asian Games to operate more efficiently, sustainably, and inclusively.”

For different industries and customers, Alibaba Cloud is a force for digitalization.

Sporting events are undergoing a significant digital transformation as a result of technology innovations.

Our commitment to driving more efficient, sustainable, and inclusive sports events is a result of our campaigns during previous global sports events, and as a partner of the Asian Games.

Alibaba Cloud is responsible for the architecture design and integration of the Asian Games’ core systems.

The Asian Games are hosting their core system for the first time on Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud has been successfully used to migrate the core systems of the Games, including the Games Management System, Results Distribution System, and Game Support System.

As a result of moving the Hangzhou Asian Games’ core system to the cloud, the organizer is able to maximize efficiency.

With the use of cloud-native technologies and Alibaba Cloud’s container services, the Games operation has been able to become more agile, scalable, and efficient.

In addition, live cloud broadcasting signals will be available for the first time at the Asian Games.

Before cloud broadcasting, broadcasters relied on dedicated and more expensive international telecommunication optical circuits and spent considerable time setting up the equipment.

Through Alibaba Cloud, The Games is now able to deliver live content in high quality over the public cloud at a fraction of the cost and with minimal setup time.

As a result of Alibaba Cloud’s ApsaraVideo Live Centers in Shanghai and Beijing, the global rights holding broadcasters of the Hangzhou Asian Games are able to receive live footage through the public cloud infrastructure for the first time.

The opportunity to participate in this program is an honor for us. It is possible for us to provide our services to the Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Taking advantage of the scalability, reliability, and security of the cloud infrastructure, we are able to assist the Hangzhou Asian Games in operating more efficiently, sustainably, and inclusively.


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