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Chiang Rai Airport

Thailand’s Bangkok Bank’s Electronic Banking System Crashes

Thailand's Bangkok Bank's electronic internet banking system crashed on Wednesday due to a flurry of small-ticket transactions. The bank detected a failure across its...

Thailand’s Banks to Remain Open During State of Emergency

The Bank of Thailand and other financial institutions said on Wednesday they would keep as many branches open as possible to ensure business can...

Thailand’s State of Emergency Decree in Force from Midnight

A State of emergency decree will be enforced across Thailand from Thursday until April 30 as the government steps up the Covid-19 fight. The...

Woman Files Fake Rape Report to Get Tested for Covid-19

After the truth came out Rapee withdrew the police rape report. She claimed that she didn’t realize it would become such a big deal, after all, she just wanted to know if she had Covid-19.

2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Delayed by One Year Due to Covid-19

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the International Olympic Committee have agreed to delay the 2020 Tokyo Olympics by one year. Above all due...

Private Sector Seeks Clarity on Possible State of Emergency Curfews

The Thai government state of emergency will go into effect on Thursday, possibly leading to a curfew and a number of other travel restrictions....

Thailand Covid-19 Deaths Now at 4 as Infections Climbs to 827

The health department reported three additional deaths from Covid-19 on Tuesday, bringing the total to four in Thailand. Heath officials have also reported 106...

Migrant Workers Let Through ‘Closed’ Checkpoints Due to Riot Fears

The Thai government's temporary ban on cross-border travel between Thailand and neighbouring countries has failed due to floods of migrant workers. Thailand was forced...

Thai Tourism Officials Prepare for the Return of Chinese Tourist

Thai tourism officials say they are aiming to apply more safety and health administration programs to help operators enhance their ability to deal with the pandemic and assuring the safety for tourists.

Migrant Workers Flee Thailand for their Home Countries

Migrant workers were being allowed to leave Thailand on Monday, even though all border checkpoints were ordered closed on Sunday. Lao and Vietnamese migrant...

Tens of Thousand Flee Bangkok Amid Covid-19 Lockdown Thread

In the wake of the "Covid-19 lockdown" announcement for Bangkok thousands of people have flocked to bus stations to leave the city. The mass...

Army Rangers Returning from Cleaning Mosque Injured in Bomb Attack

The army rangers had been helping with a cleaning activity at local mosque on Friday. The home-made bomb, was planted near a roadside power pole. It was detonated when their pickup passed the spot.

Former Deputy Minister Jailed for Eight Years on Forgery Crime

The ruling also brings an end to the case that was believed to be behind Pol Lt Col Banyin's alleged decision to kidnap the older brother of a judge hearing his case.

Man Captured on CCTV Contaminating a Elevator with Sweat and Saliva

A man in Bangkok is being sought after being captured on CCTV camera deliberately contaminated an elevator with his saliva. Bangkok Mass Transit System...

Chiang Rai’s Main Land Borders to Remain Open for Border Trade

Thailand's Interior Ministry has ordered provincial governors to strictly control land border crossing activities in Northern Thailand. The ministry also ordered the temporary shutdown...

Thailand’s Covid-19 Wuhan Virus Cases Jumps to 322

The Public Health Ministry also reported global Covid-19 Wuhan virus cases at 236,054 with 9,817 deaths in 175 countries, including 80,928 cases and 7,263 deaths in China.

How to Find the Best Places to Tour in Thailand

Thailand is a great place for tourism. A large number of beaches and islands to tour in Thailand. The Kingdom attracts a large number...

Thai Vendors Jailed for Selling Face Masks at Inflated Prices

Five Thai vendors have been sentenced to between six months and 18 months in jail for selling face masks at inflated prices. While two...

Over 500 Chinese Stranded in the Border Town of Tachileik Myanmar

The Chinese have opted to return directly to China from Burma. However must report to the Chinese embassy first.

Tourism Minister to Seek Reprieve for Tourists Overstaying Visas

The Thai Tourism Ministry has said it will seek a reprieve for some 500,000 tourists who might end up overstaying their visas. Tourists who's...

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